Error code [OR-IEH-01]: "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later"

Recently, many of our readers have encountered the following problem: they were not able to make a purchase with a credit card on Google Play Store. Instead of a successful transaction, the message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later." Error code: [OR-IEH-01]"In addition, some users have failed to add a credit card to Google Payments, while others have faced a similar error when trying to make a payment from a Google Payments account. card already added.

According to Google Play Help Forum Experts, there are several reasons why such an error may occur:

  1. Use a VPN or other similar programs;
  2. Custom firmware or root access;
  3. The place of residence and the main language are not listed correctly in your Google account.

It is worthwhile to make sure that the place of residence and the primary language in the Google Play account is correctly specified. However, practice indicates that the root of the problem is an invalid or blocked Google Wallet account. In the latter case, you will receive the following letter on the e-mail address provided when registering the Google Play account:

We were unable to verify certain information in your Google Account. So we have temporarily suspended your account. Until we verify your account information and reactivate your account, you may not be able to buy Google products or use certain Google products.

You will find attached a sample form to verify account information:

To get rid of the error [OR-IEH-01] it is necessary to read carefully the filling rules of the form and to join The following documents:

  1. Identification document issued by the State concerned;
  2. Any document stating your name and address, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

After receiving a notification in your email that the account has been unlocked, you can try adding your credit card to make sure the [OR-IEH-01] Error it's set. I hope we have solved the problem together successfully. If you have any other way to solve the problem, please share your experience with us in Comments below.

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