Fix CPU Over Temperature Error

CPU Over Temperature Error

Imagine a situation in which you start your computer, but the operating system does not load; instead, you get the "CPU Over Temperature Error!In such a situation, you would not be able to boot into the system regardless of the mode and the troubleshooting options would be limited.

Processor overheating error

Whether or not to panic about it depends on the situation after long and intensive use or after low or no use. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do much because the system does not allow you to connect.

When not to panic

If you play games on a computer with an average configuration, such an error is normal. In addition, if you ran memory-intensive programs on your system and it stopped or restarted after a BSoD error, the error code when restarting is understandable.

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In such a situation, just wait for the system to cool down. We also suggest you try some good practices to keep your computer cool in order to avoid such a situation.

When to be concerned

If your system displays this error even though it has been shut down for a long time or is restarting despite normal system use, you should be concerned.

  1. Eliminate obstacles near the thermal vent
  2. Keep your device in a cool room
  3. Clean the internal components of the computer
  4. Unload capacitors from the laptop

Try the following solutions in this case:

1) Remove the obstacles near the thermal vent: Begin by removing the obstacles close to the system fan fan and clean it if possible. You can use a pen or pencil to hold the fan in place before blowing dust near its vent.

2) Keep your device in a cool roomAnother cause of the problem could be that your system could be placed in a room where the temperature is above average. This is especially true with rooms with glass windows as they retain heat. In this case, try cooling the room or moving the system to a cooler room.

3) Clean the internal components of the computerYou may want to consider cleaning the fan and the internal components of the computer with the help of laptop cleaning kits. Dust usually blocks the flow of air and therefore causes the system to overheat.

3) Unload the capacitors from the laptop: Your system might read the temperature wrongly at that time, which would cause an error in the discussion. In such a situation, you can turn off the system, unplug the charge cable and battery, and then press the power button to discharge the capacitors. This would reset some options in the BIOS.

You can not do this for this error because the operating system does not load at all. If the above mentioned solutions do not work, try contacting a hardware professional for cleaning the internal components of your device.

Good luck!

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