Fix NETWORK_FAILED error in Chrome browser

Fix NETWORK_FAILED error in Chrome browser

The Google Chrome Web Store is a great resource for downloading apps and extensions related to Chrome. However, some users have reported that when trying to download apps and extensions, they encountered a message – An error has occurred, NETWORK_FAILED.

NETWORK_FAILED error in Google Chrome Web Store

For some users, the problem is related to a few applications and extensions, while others claim that they cannot download anything from Chrome. The main causes of the problem are as follows: outdated Chrome browser, malware, adware, browser hijacker, and overloaded download directory.

  1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version
  2. Run Google Chrome’s built-in cleaning tool
  3. Run an anti-malware scan on your system
  4. Change the download folder
  5. Reset Chrome.

To resolve this problem, try the following solutions sequentially:

1]Update Google Chrome to the latest version

Many users have confirmed that simply updating their Google Chrome browser to the latest version has helped solve the problem. Many applications and extensions check certificates, and if they are old, the download stops.

2]Run Google Chrome’s built-in cleaning tool

One of the causes of the problem in the discussion is when browser hijackers and malware infect the system. Few users know that Google Chrome comes with a built-in tool that could be used to clean up such malware. The procedure for using the Google Chrome integrated cleaning tool is as follows:

Click on action button which is basically 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Firefox window.

To select settings in the menu.

Google Chrome settings

in the settings window, scroll down and click Advanced.

The last option would be Clean computer. Click on it.

Clean computer

Hit Find to start the analysis.

Run Google's cleaning tool

This tool can remove malware from your system, especially those that affect your browser.

3]Run an anti-malware scan on your system

One of the most common causes of the issue under discussion is the presence of adware, malware hijacking the browser, etc. This malware can be removed using reputable anti-malware software.

4]Change the download folder

If a download location is full or no longer available, no apps or extensions from the Google Chrome store can be downloaded. Therefore, if you encounter the NETWORK FAILED error, please consider changing the download location as follows:

Open the settings as explained in Solution 2 and click Advanced basically.

Scroll to Downloads and click Change.

Change download location

Of Location window, choose a new location.

Download location

Prefer a location that you would prefer to keep for a longer period.

5]Reset Chrome

If the above mentioned solutions fail, you can save your bookmarks, browser settings, etc. and then reset the Chrome browser – and if that also fails, download the extension manually and load it. There is a Download button on the web page that you can use for this purpose.

I hope this helps you!

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