Android 11 Timeline: Everything you need to know

android 11 timeline

Well ahead of its schedule, Google today launched the first Developer Preview build of the latest Android iteration. In no case can this overview be used as a daily pilot. It may be unstable and will have many half-cooked or non-functional features. Well, this is completely understandable, given that this is only the first developer version. As we see the progression to other developer previews and beta releases, you should expect it to be much more stable with functional features. So when will you see future developer versions or beta versions? In this guide, we will list the complete timeline of Android 11, from the first developer preview to the stable version. So let’s start.

Chronology of Android 11: the full program

To start, Google will release a total of three developer overviews. This will then be followed by three beta versions. And once these six have made their way, you can expect to see stable construction. That said, here is the schedule breakdown for developer previews and beta versions of Android 11.

Android 11 Developer Preview Timeline

For the ignorant, Google today released the first version of Android 11 Developer Preview. If you’re interested, check out our guide explaining the steps to install Android 11 DP1 on your Pixel devices. Being the initial version, don’t expect it to be fully functional. Other DP or beta versions may be required for it to be somewhat functional and stable.

That said, you can expect the next developer preview to arrive anywhere around March. It will be incremental with additional functionality, APIs and behavioral changes.

The third and final developer preview will be available in April. in this update, you can expect more incremental updates for stability and performance. Now let’s see the chronology of beta versions of Android 11.

Beta release schedule

Once the three developer previews have been released, you can expect beta 1 to be released in May. It will be available as an OTA update for those who are enrolled in the Android Beta program. Up to this point, all DP versions had to be manually flashed on your devices. But with beta versions, you have the right to receive OTAs if you meet all the conditions.

With the second beta, you can expect it to be much more stable in terms of performance. This will make its way in June. In the Android 11 timeline, Google calls this second beta version a stable step in terms of performance. This means that Android 11 has reached the latest internal and external APIs, the latest application behavior and the latest non-SDK greylists.

From this moment, there will be no significant change in this iteration of Android that could affect the applications. Developers could therefore consider this step as the final planning, compatibility tests and the future version of their applications compatible with Android 11.

The latest beta version before the stable version will be available in the third quarter of 2020. With this version, developers will be required to release compatible updates for applications, SDKs and libraries. Finally, the stable version will be released at any time around the third quarter of 2020.

So that was the complete timeline and timing for the launch of Android 11. We will be releasing all the required information regarding previews, beta and stable releases from these developers on a regular basis as they become available.

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