Fix: System Service Exception Error [10 Ways]

Fix: System Service Exception Error [10 Ways]

The BSOD, that is the Blue Screen of Death error, horrifies everyone at least once in a lifetime, and has a variety of errors and a variety of reasons behind these mistakes. Similarly is the case for system service exception error under Windows, the error looks like a scary blue ghost that will not let you use Windows or happen at any time. But let me tell you that any blue screen error caused in your system actually saves it and that it asks you to solve the problem with a particular type of error code such as the system service exception error.

The error may be due to outdated software changes or drivers, or to your antivirus or other reasons. Whatever the reason for the error, the solutions are available for each one. Today, I will help you solve the problem. system_service_exception blue screen of death Fault.

How to Fix a Windows 10 System Service Exception Error

Most Blue screen errors would surely have a minimum of 2-3 similar solutions. Like the outdated driver solution or the outdated Windows solution or the memory troubleshooting solution. But this is not always the only cause of the error and that is why we will discuss all possible causes (with solutions) for the problem. System Service Exception Fault.

1. Update drivers

Your system's drivers may be out of date. So, if that's the case, then you can update drivers & the problem could solve easily.

  • First, press the the Windows on your keyboard then locate and click on the Device Manager.

  • Then select the driver you think you can assign or just click the button Other devices option.
  • In this one, you can see the devices for which the drivers are not installed.
  • Right-click the name of this device and select Update the driver option.
  • After which choose Automatically search for an updated driver option.

  • Allow the update process to complete.

Do a reboot and start your system to check the error System service exception error is resolved now.

Note: If the problem does not resolve the problem, follow the process Safe mode. You can switch your PC on safe mode by pressing the F8 key at startup and select the Safe Mode with Networking option.

2. Update Windows

Check for updates for your version of Windows because it is possible that the last time that you updated Windows, because of an incorrect or corrupted file download, caused the System Service Exception after the Windows update. So, re-update your Windows O.S. and it is possible that your mistake is resolved.

If you have recently updated Windows and are facing an error after this one, try removing the update with the help of the software and restore it. Or wait for Windows to launch any new update that fixes the latest update.

3. Check your RAM

As I said, memory problems could also be causing BSOD errors. So, this can cause the System service exception memory error & this step is worth trying to solve the error.

  • First, press the the Windows key and in the kind of search field Memory.
  • In the list of options that have appeared, select Diagnosis of the Windows memory.
  • Then click Restart now and look for problems option.
  • Let the windows take the test and have patience.

RAM memory plays an important role in any system. So, a small problem can cause various types of errors and even cause a System service exception error.

4. Perform an SFC scan

The error may be due to corruption of some system files or software and running an SFC scan, that is, the system file checker would resolve the error.

  • press the the Windows key using your keyboard and search Command Prompt.

  • Right click on the Command Prompt appeared in the search results and select Run as an administrator option.

  • Then in the Command Prompt terminal type sfc / scannow command and press the Enter key.

  • Wait for the analysis to be in progress.
  • Finally, once the scan is complete, your computer displays the results of the scan. cmd (command prompt) & guide you on what to do.
  • To restart make the changes in effect.

So, after rebooting the system, you can use your system in the same way that you had used it before the occurrence of the error.

5. Hard Disk – Disk Check Error

After the RAM, another important hardware used as storage device is the hard disk, so it is necessary to check the hard disk to detect any type of corrupted file. the Disk check error will scan the hard drive and find the reason behind the System Service Exception Fault.

  1. Using your keyboard, press the key the Windows key then search and select Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  2. In the command prompt dialog box, type the command – chkdsk / f / r then press Enter.
  3. The system will do the disk check automatically and also correct the error in the hard drive (if only).
  4. Once the analysis is complete, do to restart your PC to make the scanning changes in effect.

The hard drive could cause the system service exception hardware error in your system and the blue screen will not allow you to use Windows properly. Since the error is resolved, you can use Windows without any problem.

6. Disable your antivirus or anti-malware

In most cases, users reported that the error was resolved by disabling their antivirus. So considering this as a solution, I would recommend that you disable your antivirus or antivirus. If the BSOD has stopped occurring after the deactivation, you must either check for new updates from your antivirus, or simply delete them.

As far as it is possible that your antivirus detects an important Windows file as suspect for certain reasons and stops it, which leads us to the System service exception error.

7. Troubleshoot

This solution could only be for Windows 10 and also possible for Windows 8 users because I did not find exactly the same functionality in Windows 7.

You can solve some of your blue screen errors by using the troubleshooting tool. Follow the steps to find out how to do it:

  • press the Windows + X key & go to settings.
  • To select Update and security option and then find the help option.

  • In the new window, search Blue screen & click on Start the convenience store option.

Restart your PC once troubleshooting is complete and check if the error persists now.

8. Remove new software

In the event that you have installed new hardware on your system and after which the error has started to occur, then you will know why. Check that you have downloaded the software from a genuine source and installed it correctly. If this is not the case, try to redo it or simply delete the software, if you feel that it is not necessary for you. After that, check if the System service exception error still exists or not.

To uninstall software, you must:

  • To choose Uninstall a program.

  • Select the software and press Uninstall.

Note: For all of the above mentioned solutions, if you can not perform the steps, try starting Windows in Safe Mode and follow the steps.

9. Update BIOS settings

This step is only recommended if you have already done it yourself, as changing the BIOS settings will change the settings on your motherboard. If it was done incorrectly, you could damage the motherboard settings and even corrupt your PC.

To update the BIOS settings, you can restart your PC and enter at startup by pressing the F8 key.

10. Reset Windows

The last recommended step is to reboot Windows if you have tried all the above solutions and you have not been able to resolve the problem. System Service Exception Fault.

After rebooting, this will give you a fresh start for Windows and Windows will forget the error caused earlier. But back up all the important files you need before you reset Windows.

Did it work?

The solutions will help you solve the error System Service Exception in Windows 10 or any other version of Windows. The reasons for the error caused and the solution to each reason were discussed. If you have problems trying solutions, please comment below and I will be happy to help you. In addition, if you have suggestions, you can comment below and help others with them.

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