How to remove NEED PASSWORD error message in Outlook

How to remove NEED PASSWORD error message in Outlook

A common problem with Microsoft Outlook keeps showing “NEED PASSWORD » message around the top bar even when the password entered is correct and not altered. Even after performing an Office repair, removing and re-adding the email account, the issue is not resolved. If you are having this problem, the steps described below can help you.

Fixed NEED PASSWORD error message in Outlook

Although the user can simply ignore the message and continue to send and receive e-mails, the message “Need a password” unfortunately does not disappear. Here’s what you need to do. To resolve the problem, clear the entries in Credential Manager, delete the temporary files, uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode, restart the system, and check if the problem persists.

If you continue to see the text, try the registry setting.

Type “regedit.exe“And press”Enter

Then, in the Registry Editor window that opens, navigate to the following path address –


Now switch to the right pane and find the following DWORD entry – DisableADALatopWAMOverride.

If the entry does not exist, you must create one.

When finished, double-click on the entry to open the ‘Edit channel‘ box. In the ‘Value data ‘ that appears, change the default from “0” to “1

Finally, close the Registry Editor and exit.

Restart your computer. The NEED PASSWORD message should no longer appear in your Outlook.

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