How to join OneDrive Insider Preview Program

How to join OneDrive Insider Preview Program

Microsoft offers an insider preview program for many of its applications. You have one for Windows that is integrated into the system, then you have one for Microsoft Office, Edge as well. In today's post, we will explain how to join OneDrive Insider Preview Program.

Once you join the Insider program, you'll have quick access to features and updates that will not be available to everyone. It also means that you virtually test OneDrive for any type of problem. That said, there is a big problem that few people know: if your computer is part of Windows Insider Preview, OneDrive already receives preliminary updates.

However, as many of us are not interested in Windows Insider, you will need to join the OneDrive Insider Preview program manually.

OneDrive Insider Preview Program

To join the OneDrive preview program on Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Click the OneDrive cloud icon, and then click Settings on the menu.
  2. Switch to About tongue
  3. Under the "About Microsoft OneDrive" section, check the box that says: Get OneDrive Insider Preview Updates Before Publishing option.
  4. Click on D & #39; agreement button.

Once done, the next time OneDrive checks for an update, it will download the preview version.

Restore Procedure from the OneDrive Insider Preview Program

That said, if it is easy to switch to the Insider program, it is different to return to the standard version.

  1. You must follow the settings on the About page again and uncheck the Updates for Insider Views check box.
  2. Once done, uninstall the OneDrive software.
  3. Restart the computer, re-download the normal version and install it.
  4. When setting up the regular version, point it in the same folder. Make sure to use the same account as before.

That done, you no longer need to download all the files. Microsoft has greatly facilitated registration for the OneDrive Insider program, especially when you test Windows Insider.

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