Fortnite on iOS can now be played without invitation. Epic Games has removed the restriction of needing a Fortnite invitation from the company or a friend to play the game on the go. To play Fortnite on iOS, you can simply download the game via the App Store. Keep in mind that you will need an iPhone 6s, an iPhone SE, an iPad Mini 4, an iPad Pro or an iPad Air 2 to play Fortnite Battle Royale. The download size of Fortnite iOS is 1.8GB. Given the online nature of the game, you will need a stable and consistent Internet connection. For Fortnite Android, Epic claims support is coming in the next few months. It can be the same after being invited via Google Play. Given the ability to download apps on Android, you can make a structured deployment difficult to remove.

If you are a newcomer to Fortnite Battle Royale, the good news is that it is perhaps the most accessible version of the game. That being said, Epic has made great progress in improving Fortnite's iOS controls and visuals, even if it requires you to download the entire game again. Depending on the iOS device on which you play on Fortnite Mobile, you will get better visuals with anti-aliasing (4X MSAA) added to supported devices.

In our Fortnite Battle Royale iOS impressions, we stated that the game is a mixed bag. Once the novelty of its cross-play approach – which allows you to compete with PC and console players – disappears, you'll find new ways to play with the unique visual cues and control options in the palm of your hand. you played it on other platforms before diving into the game on iOS.

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