Get Airdrop on Android & Windows with KDE Connect

KDE Connect for Android and Windows

KDE Connect is a Linux application that brings a host of features that make using a Linux PC and an Android device a unique experience. It can not only synchronize notifications, but also respond directly from the PC. Whether you want to use Airdrop on Android or Airdrop on Windows, KDE Connect is what you need.

Sharing the clipboard allows you to copy something to your phone and paste it on your PC and vice versa. There are a ton of other features and they are all available for Windows 10. It's like having Airdrop on Android and Windows, but a lot better.

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KDE Connect: Airdrop on Android and much more

With KDE Connect, you will not have to worry about USB cables or starting a third-party wireless file transfer application. You can browse your phone from your PC as if it was a hard drive connected wirelessly permanently.

You can see the current status of your phone's battery, that is, the percentage of the battery and its charging or discharging. That's not all, it also syncs the clipboard between your PC and Android. And that's all that's happening on your PC. It also allows you to send notifications from your PC to your phone. Allows you to transfer files from your phone, wireless, control the media content played on your PC and even use your phone to control your PC remotely.

According to the project official KDE web pageKDE Connect is a tool designed to allow all your devices to communicate with each other. It also states, "To achieve this, KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol over the network and allows any developer to create plug-ins over it.

Download KDE Connect for Windows 10

KDE Connect has recently been made available to macOS and somebody is also working on a Windows 10 port. For now, the Windows version is not over yet and you may encounter bugs . In addition, some features may not work because the application was originally designed for Linux. Piyush Aggarwal, a student at Google Summer of Code, aims to improve the client's condition. KDE Connect Project for Windows GSoC plans to tackle current loopholes.

You can download nightly versions of KDE Connect, some of which are surprisingly stable. Just download the .EXE linked file below and install it as a normal program.

KDE Connect for Windows: kdeconnect-kde-master-96-windows-msvc2017_64-cl.exe

Once the application is operational, you can see its icon in the system tray.

Download KDE Connect for Android

Android does not have these built-in features. Therefore, you will of course also need a complementary application on Android. The Android application is pretty stable, so you will not have to worry. You can download the KDE-Connect Android app free on the Google Play Store.

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Pair Android and Windows 10

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If your PC and your Android are connected to the same WiFi network, launch KDE Connect on your phone and you should see your PC under Available devices. Press and REQUEST FOR TWINNING. You will see a notification on your PC, click on accept and that's all. The Windows application is still running, so the notification is not the most enjoyable to watch, but hey, it works.

KDE Connect Windows Notification "src ="

Airdrop on Android and Windows 10

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Once the pairing process is complete, you can forget about it. Whenever your PC and Android are on the same WiFi network, they will be automatically associated. To send a file from your Android to your PC, all you have to do is share it with KDE Connect and select your PC. Just like using Airdrop. Similarly, you can right-click the Windows taskbar icon, select your device, and select To send file. KDE connect sends file windows "src ="

By clicking Configure … instead, you can access the configuration module. Here you can enable or disable a number of other features such as clipboard sharing, notification synchronization, remote desktop controls, and more. Most of them work even in the nightly versions of m testing.

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KDE Connect brings your Android and Windows devices closer to Microsoft's. Your Phone After all these years and behind a multi-billion dollar company, the application is far behind KDE Connect.

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