How to find out which Wireless Card is present in your laptop

Which Wireless Card is present in your Windows laptop

The way your computer manages the network depends a lot on the Wireless card present and the version of the driver installed on your computer. There are major manufacturers of these wireless cards on computers such as Realtek, Qualcomm, Atheros, etc. Today, we will see how to know which WiFi card or wireless adapter is present on your laptop. This information can be useful if you need to troubleshoot wireless card issues.

Which wireless card is present in your Windows laptop

We will now see how to determine the model of the internal wireless card installed on your Windows 10 laptop.

There is only one effective and reliable way to determine the wireless card present on your laptop. And this by using the device manager.

Open Device Manager on your Windows 10 computer by typing devmgmt.msc and press Enter in the Windows search box or the Run box.

Under the enlarged section of Network adapters, you will find an entry for your wireless adapter with the exact name of the manufacturer.

You can use the information as needed now.

I hope you found this little guide helpful.

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