Get One UI 2.0-like Gesture Navigation on Samsung Devices

One UI 2.0 Gesture Navigation

Samsung is known for its notorious slowness to release the latest Android versions for its smartphones. Just days ago, the South Korean giant released the One UI 2.0 beta for users of the Galaxy S10 series who had enrolled in the beta program via the Samsung Members app. The update brings some modifications to the user interface and an improved gesture navigation system. With Samsung's One Hand Operation +, you can get One UI 2.0 gesture navigation on any Samsung Galaxy device.

The gestures on Samsung smartphones on Android 9 are not terrible. However, some gestures such as dragging down to go back are not intuitive. With the Android 10 beta update, Samsung has rocked things with its gestures and users can choose to slide from one side or the other of the device to step back.

This makes the gesture more natural and does not require you to stretch your fingers clumsily to go back. With Samsung itself, you can also get One UI 2.0 gestures on your Samsung device using an application called 'One Hand Operation +'.

Get a navigation gesture of the user interface 2.0 from one hand +

One-handed operation + Galaxy Store

The One Hand Operation + app is available for download in the Samsung family of Good Lock apps. The download size is just 2.37MB and can be installed from the Galaxy Store.

  1. Download and install One-handed operation + on your Samsung device.
  2. Launch the application after you have it installed.
  3. Activate One Hand Operation + gestures by pressing the key to toggle at the top of the screen.
  4. You will now be able to see the settings of contact width, Scanning distance, Vibration level.
  5. Adjust the sliders to your preference by observing the changes made to the triggers on the side, which must be highlighted in blue.

You can now use the sweep to make the gesture of the left or right edge go back. Although you can do a lot more with this great app. For example, you can fully customize the left and right handles to trigger other gestures, launch the notification panel, open other applications, or have floating buttons and more.

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Other one-hand operations + functions

To customize each handle, simply tap the text that says Left handle customize the swipe actions of the left edge or Right handle to customize the right edge scan actions. You can even dig deeper and enter the Advanced settings. Here you can define Exceptions of applications disable gestures in some applications. This is useful if you play games that require scanning actions from the edges of the screens.

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We just scratched the surface with what you can do with the One Hand Gestures Opertation + app. You must check the application to allow you to fully realize its potential. Gesture navigation is the future and Samsung does not take it lightly.

Nevertheless, it's good to see Samsung release the new Android 10 beta update with One UI 2.0. The Galaxy Note series is the next in line for the beta update. He will receive the beta in the next few weeks if previous updates are a clue.

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