Google Chrome Will Get Some Microsoft Edge Features From Microsoft

Google Chrome Will Get Some Microsoft Edge Features From Microsoft

For decades, Microsoft has been the company that has tried to crush the competition. However, since Satya Nadella became CEO, the company has taken a new approach. Today, Microsoft is more open to partnerships and more open to open source software. The company’s decision to create an Edge browser based on open source Chromium is an example. Microsoft will now also help Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers get certain functionality from Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft to bring improved tab management to Chrome and other Chromium browsers

This news was highlighted by a Redditor going through the Chromium related bug reports. The Redditor took an exchange between a Microsoft developer and a Google developer. This was a small change in the context menu of the tab. Currently, if you want to move an existing tab to a new window in Chrome, your only option is to drag it.

On the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, you can also do the same with a right click on the tab. Last year, Microsoft and Google announced that they would work together. This courteous exchange between two business developers is an example of the type of partnership that we can probably expect.

Leonard Gray (Google):

If you are still interested in upstream of this from Edge, we would love to take it 🙂

Justin Gallagher (Microsoft):

Great! I will then take possession of this problem

While the above change may seem minor, more is yet to come. A more significant change in tab management associated with the Chromium code will allow Chrome users to move multiple tabs between different windows. For now, you are limited to moving one tab at a time by dragging and dropping tabs between windows.

This is the first Microsoft Edge feature to be ported to Chrome

For two weeks, Microsoft has already submitted the code and Google has corrected it upstream. This is a way of saying that functionality has already been added to some versions of Chromium. We should see this reflected in Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers in a few months, hopefully.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has submitted code to Chromium. It is also not the first time that Google accepts it and adds it to Chromium. However, this is the first time that Microsoft has released major functionality, not just a bug fix or workaround.

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