How to keep your motherboard clean and protected

A damaged motherboard probably means the end of your computer in most cases; therefore, people should always take precautions to ensure that the motherboard stays safe at all times. Remember, while the processor is the brain of the computer, the motherboard is the heart of everything. In our experience, most motherboards are robust and can […]

How to protect your Computer from Power Outages and surges?

A surge is one of the few things that can instantly destroy your computer, and there is no return from that. However, not everyone tends to consider the ramifications of a power outage and what it can do. Rare power outages are not a major issue, but if you live in a city where this […]

Difference between a Modem and a Router

Most people do not know the difference between a modem and one router, and it’s no surprise. You see, these devices are the backbone of our home broadband Internet connection. They go hand in hand at all times, hence their immense importance in ensuring that you can read this article and watch cat videos on […]

How to make your old PC perform like new again

Some of us would like to take every dollar from our investments – be it a car, a house or a computer. The best way to get the most out of a computer is to upgrade hardware or software, or both. Sometimes a fresh installation of the Windows operating system or an upgrade to a […]

The Danger of using cheap USB Cables and Chargers on your PC

We all like to find it too good to be true on the items we love. One of these is electronics and, more specifically, USB cables and chargers. It is dangerous to use cheap USB cables and chargers. We all know these cables so cheap that they are difficult to resist. Not all cheap USB […]

Software RAID vs Hardware RAID – Differences explained

Lately, RAID technology has been implemented in almost all applications such as desktops, servers, laptops, storage devices and in environments that require a large number of hard drives. RAID means Redundant network of inexpensive disks. It uses storage virtualization technology to improve the performance and reliability of storage devices. What is RAID? RAID technology is […]

How to use Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft’s wireless display adapter is based on Wi-Fi certified Miraacast technology that lets you stream content from any device to a TV or monitor. If you don’t have a Smart TV or Chromecast compatible device, the display adapter can be a great choice. In this article we will share how to use Microsoft Wireless Display […]

List of factors to consider when buying a computer

When it comes to buying a computer, it’s a confusing process. There are tons of options out there, even if you have a budget. In this article, I try to simplify things by talking about a list of factors to consider when buying a laptop or desktop powered by Windows 10. List of factors to […]

What are the main components of a Computer system?

A computer is nothing without the components or parts it contains. Many users take advantage of what these powerful machines have to offer, but don’t know which components make them work. Keep in mind that a computer contains several mechanical, electrical, and electronic components called hardware. Do you know these hardware components? If not, read […]

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Windows 10 PC

Jogging or traveling while listening to music with wired headphones can be difficult. Wire gets tangled or constant pulling causes problems. In this case, wireless headphones, mainly Bluetooth headphones, are used. Best Bluetooth Headset for Windows 10 However, Bluetooth headphones are known for their latency. The audio signal is usually bad if you keep the […]

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