USB Security key is not working on Windows 10

USB Security key is not working

USB security keys are a secure way to authenticate various components on a computer. Security keys can be used to log on to Windows 10. With the advancement of Web APIs, a user can also authenticate on multiple websites, using the same key. But these keys can sometimes not work. This can be due to several factors. This may be due to driver incompatibility or corruption, compromised key integrity, etc.

The USB security key does not work on Windows 10

If the USB security key does not work problem in Windows 10, the following methods have proven effective in helping users solve the problem:

  1. Toggle Internet options settings.
  2. Reinstall the respective USB drivers.
  3. Change the PIN code of the security key.
  4. Disable the antivirus.
  5. Troubleshoot the web browser.

1) Toggle Internet Options Settings

Search Internet options in the Windows search box and open the security tongue.

For all the given Areas, move the safety slider to the lowest possible level of safety. Click on D & #39; agreement to save changes and close Internet Options.

Now this can only be a temporary measure because your computer is vulnerable. So, once your work is done, make sure to press the button Reset all zones to the default level button.

2) reinstall the respective drivers

The incompatibility between the drivers and the operating system or the corruption of these drivers may also lead to abnormal behavior of these security keys.

You must first uninstall the USB driver from Device Manager. This USB driver would bear the name of the manufacturer of the USB security key under the section Universal serial bus controllers

You can visit the manufacturer's website of your security key to download the latest drivers and install them on your computer.

3) Change the PIN code of the security key

There may be a chance that the PIN of the security key has been corrupted. You can reset the PIN of the security key to resolve this problem. You can refer to it with the help of the security key configuration utility.

4) Disable the antivirus

Some antivirus software may interfere with the security key. We recommend that you temporarily disable the anti-virus or Windows Defender solution and see if this resolves your issues.

5) Troubleshoot the web browser

If your security key does not work especially on your web browser, you can do the following:

  • Check if your web browser really supports the security key. You can check it on the official website of the browser.
  • If this is the case, update your web browser to the latest version.
  • And if that does not help, try reinstalling the web browser or switch to another supported web browser.

Good luck!

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