Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+ Hole-Punch Wallpapers

galaxy note 10 hole punch wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus have an AMOLED dynamic display measuring respectively 6.3 and 6.8 inches. Samsung boasts Galaxy Note 10’s “Infinity-O” display. The screen/body ratio of phones is 92.5%. The “O” actually comes from the small perforation camera at the top of the screen. Today, we have no less than 53 perforated wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Samsung may be using the Galaxy Note 10’s punch camera as a marketing strategy, but we all know that it irritates the end user a bit. Well, we can not get rid of this little black hole in the display, but we can at least hide it by using beautiful backgrounds. In fact, Samsung has sent wallpapers to the wallpaper section of the thematic store, but for me, they all look awful.

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About the wallpapers

I then tried to search for perforated wallpapers for Galaxy Note 10 in Google, but I found only a few high quality backgrounds. Eventually, I decided to try my own hands and create wallpapers to punch perfectly for my Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Thanks to my Photoshop skills, I created 15 new perforation screen backgrounds for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. I then manually selected 21 wallpapers on my computer and modified them to meet my needs. It took 4-5 hours! 🙁

Thus, out of the 53 backdrops of the camera holes provided below, 36 are such that you may never have seen them, while the remaining 17 wallpapers were collected from different sources, including Reddit and Google’s image search. I have retouched all the wallpapers to make sure that the camera’s perforation falls well in the center of the black areas of the wallpapers. In addition, I resized all the wallpapers so that their size is 1080 x 2280 px for the display of Note 10 and Note 10 +.

Wallpapers Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10 Plus Hole-punch

Note: Most of the perforated wallpapers for Galaxy Note 10 and Note Plus are shown below are exclusive!

Wallpapers Emoji with perforation

emoji hole-punch screen background note 10

Fantasy parachutes

fantasy screen background parachute hole-punch

Golf field

golf hole camera bottom screen

Beauty in the hair

beautiful hair screen background

Elastgirl – The Incredibles

Elastgirl perforated screen

The Joker

the Joker wallpaper

Wallpapers perforated design

iron man wallpaper

sun material wallpaper

material circle perforation wall

sunrise hole-punch wallpaper

Planets and wallpapers from space

star wars screen background
eclipse screen background

perforated perforated wallpaper

dead Pool

deadpool screen background

Spiderman perforated wallpapers

perforated hole screen Spiderman

spiderman black note 10 screen background

Wallpapers to drill Superman

red superman hole screen background

superman hole-punch wallpaper

small superman screen background

Batman wallpapers with perforation

batman hole-punch screen background

camera hole batman note 10 wallpaper

UP – Perforated wallpaper

Screen background Up for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Mickey Mouse perforated wallpapers

mickey mouse screen background
hole-punch mickey mouse screen background
mickey mouse screen background note 10

Perforated wallpaper

floral wallpaper
Golden Lotus wallpaper
hole-punch art circle screen background
cartoon character wallpaper
cartoon screen background
cartoon art wallpaper

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Wallpaper

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Wallpaper

Various perforated wallpapers

glutton screen background
simpsons donuts screen background
light dance wallpaper
beautiful eyehole screen background
gas mask wallpaper
geko hole-punch screen background
black smoke screen background note 10 plus
tiger caricature wallpaper
Polar bear bottom of screen

Baymax Wallpapers

baymax wallpaper
perforated screen baymax

Aerial view

screen background perforation aerial view

Red Apple

apple logo perforated screen background

If you want more perforated wallpapers specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you should also consult the Wallpix wallpaper app from the Play Store. To recover all wallpapers with one click, you can download the Rating 10 More wallpapers zip Google Drive link file.

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