How to Add Skype Meeting to Outlook Meeting Invite (and Cool Tricks)

How to Add Skype Meeting to Outlook Meeting Invite (and Cool Tricks)

There’s no denying that Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web are solid email managers. They offer various options for managing emails as well as calendars. And when it comes to scheduling meetings, Outlook lets you test multiple services, including Zoom and Skype. So if you’re looking for a way to add Skype meetings to Outlook, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether for business or just to find friends, Skype has been around since 2003. Fortunately, the process of setting up a Skype meeting to Outlook is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. So let’s go.

How to add a Skype meeting to an Outlook meeting

Step 1: Before adding a Skype meeting to Outlook, you need to check if your Outlook already has said add-in.

To do this, click File> Options and select Add-ins from the menu.

You should notice the add-on in the list under Active. Once done, head to the main Outlook window and click Home> New Items.

2nd step: Select New Meeting and you will see the Skype Meeting icon on the ribbon. Now, each time you click on it, a link for the meeting is automatically generated and pasted onto the body of the meeting.

Therefore, you must choose the start time and the end time in advance. After that Outlook will generate the corresponding Skype meeting link.

Then you can add the remaining details like Calendar and that’s about it. You just need to send it back.

The good thing about Skype meetings is that Outlook users will see the option to join the Skype meeting at the top of the invitation, while non-Outlook users, such as Gmail users, will see the option. to open the Skype web application in their invitation. Yes, no lag at all.

You will see the reminder appear when the meeting is approaching, as with most Skype meetings.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before proceeding. On the one hand, Skype and Outlook only work for Skype for Business users. Second, the username used in Skype and Outlook must be the same. Otherwise, you will receive a configuration error.

If you are using two Outlook accounts, be sure to switch to the account set up for your Skype account.

How to add a Skype meeting to Outlook Web

Step 1: Unlike the desktop version of Outlook, adding a Skype meeting to Outlook Web is easier to read and more intuitive.

Go to the Calendar tab by clicking on the calendar icon in the lower left corner.

2nd step: Click the New event button to open the planning window. Be sure to enlarge it to see all of the options.

Step 3: After adding all the details like the date, time and title of the meeting, toggle the button for the Skype meeting, as shown in the screenshot below.

After that, you will see the link for the Skype meeting added to the meeting body invitation.

You can also explore additional features such as response options. If you do not want the invitation to be forwarded to other people, and deselect the Allow forwarding option.

Once everything has been finalized and the invitation sent, you will see the details on your calendar along with all the other details. And yes, there is the nifty option of joining the meeting from there.

This is how you can add and configure Skype meetings on Outlook and Outlook Web.

And this is not the end. We have a few tips and tricks for Outlook, so keep reading.

Bonus Outlook Tricks

1. Open Skype from the Web

Did you know that you can access Skype chat windows directly from Outlook Web? Yes, you read correctly. There is a nifty Skype option on the top ribbon.

All you have to do is select it, and you will see the discussions in progress and the other options.

To start a discussion, click on one of the names and you will see the discussion windows open at the bottom.

The best thing? You can keep multiple windows open at the same time.

2. Change the theme

Outlook Web offers several new theme options. From bright purples to cool blues, he has it all. However, the (quick) settings only display five themes. You will overcome them in no time.

To switch from this default theme, click the Show all Outlook settings button at the bottom of Settings and go to General> Appearance, then choose one from the list. As simple as that!

Cool tip: You can also activate dark mode under Appearance.

Mark the date

Other than Skype, Outlook also allows you to add Zoom meetings. What you will love is that you can have both options at the same time, so that you can schedule your meetings at your convenience.


Do you want to switch from the default signature format to Outlook? See the article below for how to add and edit signatures on Outlook Web, on the desktop and on the phone.

Last updated on April 27, 2020

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