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Chrome slowly moves to the dark side, not metamorphically, but literally. Several Google apps have already adopted dark mode. It was all but obvious that Chrome for Desktop would do the same. After Play Store, Google App, Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Photos, etc. Whether you're using a Windows PC or macOS, you can easily activate Google Chrome's dark mode with a Chrome indicator. If you are an Android user, we have already covered a detailed guide describing the method to enable dark mode in Chrome for Android. Now we thought that it would be better to inform you of the dark mode activation procedure in the desktop version of the Chrome browser.

If you do not use Chrome on your Android, here are 5 other great web browsers with dark mode or night theme. Below is an overview of our website with the dark mode of Google Crome enabled.

droidviews light and dark modes

To enable dark mode in the Chrome browser (desktop version), you must use the Canarian version of Chrome. Indeed, all features are first tested on the Canary version before being made available to the general public. In addition, the dark mode was only accessible via Chrome flags. Flags are experimental features that are hidden from normal users. To access these flags and enable dark mode in Chrome for desktop, see the steps below. However, if you're not really a fan of this dark mode, find out how to unlock twenty or so hidden Google Chrome themes.

Enable dark mode in Chrome (Windows, Linux and Mac)

  1. First, download and install the software Canaries Chrome.
  2. type chrome: // flags in the address bar to access the flags section.
  3. Find the following flags. You can use the search bar and type Dark mode.
    dark chrome fashion flags
    Force Dark Mode for Web Contents
    Prominent Dark Mode Active Tab Titles
    Security interstitials Dark Mode
  4. Now click on the fault keyword. A drop-down menu with various options will appear. To select On. Do this for the three flags.
    select enabled
  5. The option to restart Chrome will appear at the bottom. Click on Revive.

That's it. The dark mode of Google Desktop will be enabled. As noted earlier, this feature has not been integrated into the stable version of Chrome yet. In addition, some web pages may not be able to integrate dark mode effectively enough. Or you can see dark texts on a black background. In this case, it would be better to go back. So to turn off the dark mode, you just have to go to chrome: // flags, disable all three and restart your browser.

You can enjoy the dark mode of Google Chrome on a Windows PC with the Mac version of the browser,

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