How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Oreo? (2020)

Sometimes our androids offer us surprises that are difficult to estimate clearly. On one side, a novelty is useful, on the other, it can cause trouble. The same innovation has appeared for smartphones made by some OEMs after the release of Android 6 Marshmallow. This is what is called a Protection against Google resets (FRP).

You probably already understood that this feature is launched after a factory reset of an Android device. Plus, it does not matter if a user has reset their Google Account or their Android has done it automatically after the update. The developers claim that this feature is part of a device protection feature in case a smartphone is stolen or lost. Clearly, it serves thieves well. But what about homeowners? Apparently, they pay for their lack of order. What can be seen on the screen after a hard reset? Just the statement to check your account. It's like that. Those who have forgotten or have not saved or transferred their account data to the third hand will pay. The others will be saved.

How to get around the Google account and secure the data of the smartphone, we now observe it in this instruction. Manual input efficiency has been tested on Huawei and the honor several times. These devices run Android Oreo. It can also be used on other devices by different manufacturers running under other versions of the operating system.

  1. We will start by opening the Settings and selecting the Language page. use two your fingers press on the screen and it will be activated automatically in English;

  2. To write letter l at the top of the screen. Then the global context menu will open. Select TalkBack Setting. TalkBack is an accessibility service for blind and visually impaired users. He used spoken words and audible comments, including all menus in the TalkBack Settings menu, so that users could select the option they needed. To select a desired option, they must quickly tap twice on the screen.

  3. Then press both volume control buttons twice and hold them down until a window opens underneath. Select OK in the window and double-tap the selected link. Then you have to redo it, press both volume buttons and wait for TalkBack Parameter to open. Scroll through the menu until you finish and look for the Help and Comments option. Select it by tapping;

  4. In the Help menu screen, select the first result. Start with voice access. Tap the Video link, wait for the clip name to appear, and tap it. The Youtube application is launched by this tap;

  5. Launching a browser in the usual way did not succeed. Fortunately, there is a bypass. A three-point link can be found under each video clip. If pressed, a menu opens. Select "Share"

  6. Use Notepad to share. Open Notepad and add the Notepad icon or any other image in the Gallery.

  7. Adjust the image on Notepad and save it. Again, select "Share" in the bottom left corner, then the second link "As an image";

  8. The next step is "Add to cardsThen, leave, leave, change, one after the other.After that, close the Notebook by pressing "Yes";

  9. All these steps are necessary to enter Google Maps. Wait a bit while your phone searches for your current location. After that, the location point appears on the screen. You are free now to add a rout. To do this, press "Go";

  10. The point you are going can be anywhere. The essential thing is to be on the same continent where you are now. Enter the address or select it from the suggested list. Then start to move by pressing "Start". A microphone icon is located in the upper right corner. Say "Open Google"and you will open Google on your smartphone.

You will need your computer for the next stage of the operation. Do not worry! Nothing is difficult or dangerous! Start by downloading the files (

) that are needed to bypass the PRF. There are two and they are small, less than 10 MB. They must first be copied to your computer. It then takes several steps to copy them to your smartphone.

  1. Go to the smartphone "Settings";
  2. Use USB to connect your computer and your smartphone. To launch Copping, you must mark the desired files on your computer screen and press Transfer Files on your smartphone screen.
  3. You can save the files in the "Downloads" folder of the smartphone, for example. To do this, use your publication to access the smartphone's file manager and search for the "Downloads" folder;
  4. After completing the previous step, disconnect your smartphone. You will not need your composition anymore. Now take your smartphone and go back twice (the arrow at the top left, then the arrow at the bottom). Print "File Manager" in the Google line and open it. Select your "Downloads" folder and you will see a list including two files that have just been downloaded. Use the first one to install the frp.apk file, then the account.apk file. Once it is launched, press "Open";
  5. Tap three dots in the upper right corner and open the browser by clicking OK;
  6. What's left? Input data from any active Google Account. Then enter your account and return to the home page. Set up your smartphone again. Then close Google Maps. And finally, you will discover that you can not use your device! The entry just fails!

Do not worry. In some cases, just close the message. Sometimes a reboot is required. It is essential to configure the device again. That's all. All the problems are gone. You now know how to get around a Google Account after a factory reset. However, we recommend that you copy the new account data to avoid this procedure if the same situation reoccurs.

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