What is Adobe_Updater.exe on my Windows 10 PC? Should you remove it?

What is the Adobe_Updater.exe process?

Whenever a computer runs slowly, hangs, or hangs, the first approach should be to check the Task Manager for the processes causing high CPU usage. If the process causing high CPU usage is Adobe_updater.exe, see this article for resolution.

What is the Adobe_Updater.exe process?

Adobe_Updater.exe is the process associated with automatic software updates associated with Adobe. This process is important because it pushes security updates for associated software products.

Is adobe_updater.exe a virus?

The original Adobe_Updater.exe file is not a virus and we have already explained what it is. However, cybercriminals tend to refer to viruses and malware as real software and processes. So, it is possible that the Adobe_Updater.exe file is a virus and this can be checked.

Right-click the Adobe_Updater.exe process in Task Manager and select Open file location. Now check the path of the file associated with the process.

Adobe_Updater.exe location

The location of the original Adobe_Updater.exe process is as follows:

  • C: Program Files Common files Adobe Updater6 for 32-bit Windows systems.
  • C: Program Filesx86 Common files Adobe Updater5 for 64-bit Windows systems

The above paths may change, at least the number of the updater when pushing other versions, but more or less the location would be similar.

If the location is different, it may be a flag. Try to run a full system virus scan in this case. You can use any of these online antiviruses

Can you kill or disable Adobe_Updater.exe?

Adobe software products are necessary for your system. Videos from many websites may require reading Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader is the most comfortable software for opening PDF files.

Although you can kill this process, it will start automatically after you restart your system. If you disable the Adobe_Updater.exe process, you will no longer receive automatic updates for all Adobe software products. Adobe Flash Player may stop working, and you will not be able to watch videos from YouTube and other video websites.

How to manage the situation?

Ideally, the Adobe_Updater.exe process will cool down after a while after the Adobe software products are updated. But if the process continues to drain your system’s resources for too long, you can consider shutting it down and manually updating the associated Adobe products whenever you want.

The ideal procedure for disabling automatic updates for Adobe software products is through applications, however, as the procedure differs from product to product, we can instead change the mode in Service Manager. The procedure to follow is as follows:

Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command services.msc. Press Enter to open the Service Manager the window.

Now find Adobe Acrobat Update Service in the list and double-click it to open its Properties.

Adobe Acrobat Update Service

Change the Startup type at Manual.

Click on Apply and then Okay to activate manual settings.

What is the Adobe_Updater.exe process?

Now to manually update Adobe software go to the product help page and select the option Check for updates.

I hope this explanation has been helpful. If we missed something, let us know in the comments.

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What is the Adobe_Updater.exe process?

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