What is GApps and why we use it?

On websites that provide algorithms and techniques for running Android devices the word GApps is quite often. In Meeting Gapps, we try to find out what it is, how to use it and whether it is worth downloading it. We want to facilitate research on the subject by sharing information and our experience with our readers.

So, what is it? To facilitate the use of Internet resources, Google provides certain applications and services such as Google Play Store, Google+, Google Books, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and others, which are well known. Especially they call Google Apps but specialists shorten it to GApps. Typically, these services are preinstalled on Android devices as part of Google software. However, some devices made in China are exceptions. You will not find the preinstalled GApps on MIUI or LineageOS, for example. These applications can be installed from the custom recovery menu manually.

Where to find them? It is usually installed from the Open GApps project. Some use alternatives, for example, TK GApps with XDA, updated quite often.

How to install GApps?
We suggest a simple method. It requires Open GApps App. It can be downloaded from the official Open GApps website. The method is as follows:

  1. Download and install Open the GApps application on your device

  2. Open the installed application and select the desired GApps. Make sure you know the Android version of your operating system.

  3. The downloaded GApps install from Recovery.

That's all! This is a very easy and safe way. It gives you great flexibility to use new Google brand applications.

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