Use Link to Text Fragment extension to link to specific text to a page in Chrome

Link to Text Fragment Chrome extension

The Google Chrome browser has simplified for its users the link to specific text parts of a web page in search results via an extension called Link to a fragment of text. What exactly does this Chrome extension do and how does it work? We will check this out in today’s post.

Link to the Chrome extension Text fragment

The extension is open-source. Once added to the browser, it creates a link which, by clicking, directs users to a specific piece of text on a page. So when you want to generate a link for the specific part of the web page only, right click and select “Copy link to selected text»In the context menu. The extension automatically creates a link for this part. You can then choose to share it with others. The process for using it is simple:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Open a web page.
  3. Choose the line of text to which you want to link.
  4. Right click and choose Copy link to selected text.
  5. Wait until the link creation is successful.
  6. Paste your link.

The links created by the extension are compatible with version 80 from all Chromium-based browsers, but they are not supported in all browsers. Firefox and Safari do not support capacity at this time. Clicking on a link while using these browsers will simply bring you to the top of the linked web page, without highlighting the text.

Launch Google Chrome web browser

Open a web page, select the text you want to link to.

Then highlight the line or lines of text you want to search for, right click and choose “Copy link to selected text»In the context menu.

The extension will generate a link instantly. If the link creation is successful, the selected text will be briefly highlighted in yellow as shown in the screenshot above.

Now paste your link where you want to share it.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they will be redirected directly to the part of the web page that the sender intended to share with them.

Similar capabilities existed before, but required that the web page creator encode an anchor in the web page to which others can create a hyperlink. The new development shortens this long process.

You can get the extension from Chrome Web Store.

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Link to the Chrome extension Text fragment

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