How to change Left & Right mouse buttons on Windows 10 PC

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It is normal for all computer mouse devices to be ergonomically designed for right-handed users. But there are available mice specially designed for the left-handed population or that can be used indifferently. Before you start looking for such devices, have you tried to configure your mouse to work with the hand of your choice? You can change the mouse buttons – from left to right in a few simple steps.

Change the left and right mouse buttons

By default, a mouse device is set to be right-handed, with its main button on the left and the secondary button on the right. The main button is used for functions such as selection and dragging. You can make your mouse left handed by exchanging its predefined features. Follow these steps:

Using the control panel

1) Go to The Start menu

2) Search Control Panel

3) Once on the control panel, press Hardware and sound

4) Under Peripheral and printers click on Mouse

5) in the Mouse Properties window, check the Change primary and secondary buttons box.

Change the left and right mouse buttons

6) Click on 'D & #39; agreement'To save the changes.

Done, the main mouse selection button is the right button and the secondary button (usually called right click) the left button.

Lily: Windows pointers and mouse settings for left-handed users.

Use Windows 10 settings

There is another quick way to change the mouse configuration in Windows 10: you can access it directly to your mouse settings. Follow these steps:

1) Click with the right mouse button on thethe Windows'And select'Search"

2) Type & #39;Mouse»And select«Mouse settings& #39; Research results

3) Under theSelect your main button"Drop-down list, select"Right"

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The world around us is very right-centered and everything from pencils to computer devices is waiting for you to use your right hand.

This tip will surely help you transform the functionality of your mouse.

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