How to configure Keyboard Backlit Timeout settings for your Windows 10 PC

How to configure Keyboard Backlit Timeout settings for your Windows 10 PC

If you are a night owl and you spend long hours working in the dark, a lighted keyboard can be of great help. A backlit keyboard is a keyboard whose keys are illuminated for better visibility in dimly lit environments. So you probably use a better computer when you have a backlit keyboard. But do you know how to configure the backlit timeout settings for your keyboard? Otherwise, we will talk about it in today's subject.

Change the backlit timeout settings of the keyboard for the keyboard

If you notice that the backlight on your keyboard stays on for only a few seconds and then turns off, you will need to configure the backlight timeout settings. The backlight timeout setting may require BIOS setup. Therefore, if this procedure is right for you, continue and follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the BIOS setup
  2. Access to backlit keyboard timeout settings

Please note that not all Windows 10 PCs and laptops are equipped with a backlit keyboard. To check if your computer supports a backlit keyboard, go to the Manufacturer's Support page, locate the model of your notebook. Also check the product specifications for your computer model.

If your computer supports the Backlit feature, follow these steps.

1) Access the BIOS

Restart the notebook, then immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until the BIOS opens.

When the BIOS opens, use the arrow keys to navigate to theAdvanced'Tab.

Go to & #39;Built-in device options », then press Enter.

2) Access the backlit keyboard delay settings

In Embedded Device Options, from the list of options displayed, select Keypad Backlight Delay.

To expand the menu, continue pressing the spacebar key. This action will force the BIOS settings to open the keyboard backlight settings.

Here, select the desired timeout setting.

If you choose to select theNever', The backlight will stay on for a prolonged period, which could have a detrimental effect on the battery power of the laptop.

Finally, if you find that there is no backlit sync setting in the BIOS, this behavior may not be supported on this PC or laptop. In this case, you will need to check the product support documentation for your notebook model to confirm support.

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