How to delete downloaded Netflix Offline Content from Windows 10

How to delete downloaded Netflix Offline Content from Windows 10

Repeated observation is not as bad as you think and Netflix worked hard to make it a trend. The multimedia service provider allows you to download some TV shows and some movies on the Netflix app to watch them offline. However, the content you download to watch offline is saved to the drive on which Windows 10 is installed. So, if you think you're running out of space, it's better to remove offline content downloaded from Netflix under Windows 10.

Delete offline Netflix content uploaded to a computer

The Downloads feature is not supported by computer browsers. In addition, it is available on devices that meet the requirements. In addition, if you have downloaded the maximum number of devices for your streaming plan, you must remove all downloads from at least one device before you can download it to a new device, using the One of the following methods:

  1. Delete Netflix content via the file explorer
  2. Delete specific content downloaded from Netflix
  3. Delete the downloaded content from Netflix at once.

1) Delete Netflix content via file explorer

Open the file explorer and go to the following location

C: Users User Name AppData Local Packages 4DF9xxx.Netflix_mcm4nxxxxx LocalState offlineInfo downloads.

Now select all the files, right-click on it and choose "Wipe off'To delete all files.

The action will permanently delete all downloaded Netflix content from your Windows 10 computer.

2) Delete specific content downloaded from Netflix

Launch the Netflix application downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Click on the hamburger button (3 horizontal bars) and select "My downloads" to go to "My DownloadsThe page.

Here you can find all downloaded movies and TV shows.

To delete a specific movie or TV show, select it.

You should see a checkbox against the downloaded content. Click on it and choose the ¬ęDelete the download'Option.

3) Delete downloaded contents of Netflix at once

Launch the Netflix application. Click & #39;M e n u'(Visible by the 3-point button) and select'Settings'To open the Netflix Settings page.

Here, in the Downloads section, search for "Delete all downloads'To delete all downloaded content from Netflix.

Thus, using one of the three methods, you can delete downloaded Netflix Offline content from your PC.

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