How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups

Chrome Notification Popups

The internet has changed a lot in the last two decades. As more and more services are online, they need websites that can do a lot more. Browsers love Chromium even allow websites to access device hardware, location, send notifications, etc., with your permission of course. But if you do not really like website notifications, and every time a website asks for it via Chrome, it does not bother you that when you block it, there's a better way to navigate. You can completely disable Chrome notification windows on Android, a desktop version of the browser.

Once you have done so, you can browse the web freely, as in the good old days, without being bothered by websites asking for permission to send notifications. They can always request access to data such as your location, so you do not give up the features. Except for notifications, of course. Notifications can be useful, in fact. For example, they can display football scores or even instant messages, allowing you to take a quick look at updates without leaving the work you are doing. But not everyone needs that.

Therefore, if you prefer not to be bothered by websites asking for permission to send you notifications, here's how to disable Chrome notification windows. Before disabling annoying pop-up notifications on the Chrome browser, you must also learn how to clear the cache and browsing data in Chrome.

Disable Chrome Desktop Context Notifications

  1. Launch Chrome on your desktop and click the three-point overflow menu button.
  2. To select settings from the menu. Chrome Desktop Settings Menu "srcset =" 1011w, / uploads /2019/09/Chrome-Desktop-768x526.jpeg 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1011px) 100vw, 1011px "src =" / uploads /2019/09/Chrome-Desktop.jpeg
  3. In the settings, click Advanced in the left navigation column and select Privacy and security. Desktop Chrome Settings "srcset =" 1011w, / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-settings-768x526.jpeg 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (maximum width: 1011px) 100vw, 1011px "src =" content / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-settings.jpeg
  4. Under the Privacy and security section, click Site settings. Chrome desktop privacy setting "srcset =" 1011w, / wp -content / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-privacy-setting-768x526.jpeg 768w "data-lazy-values ​​=" (maximum width: 1011px) 100vw, 1011px "src =" https: // 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-privacy-setting.jpeg
  5. Then click The notifications. Tur off notifications "srcset =" 1011w, content / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-site-settings-768x526.jpeg 768w "data-lazy-values ​​=" (maximum width: 1011px) 100vw, 1011px "src =" https: //www.droidviews . com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-site-settings.jpeg
  6. Here, you can actually manage the websites that you previously allowed or prevented from sending you notifications. To disable Chrome notification windows, disable the button at the top of the page by clicking on it. disable Chrome desktop notifications "srcset =" 1011w, -content /uploads/2019/09/Chrome-desktop-notifications-768x526.jpeg 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 1011px) 100vw, 1011px "src =" / wp -content / uploads / 2019/09 / Chrome-desktop-notifications.jpeg

Disable Chrome popup notifications on Android

The process is also noticeably the same on mobile, with the exception of some differences in the overall look and feel of the user interface.

  1. Launch Chrome on your Android phone or tablet and tap the three-point overflow menu button.
  2. To select settings in the overflow menu. Chrome Settings for Android "src ="
  3. Instead of clicking now Advanced like on the desktop you can find directly Site settings under the Advanced section.
  4. Press on Site settings. You may have to scroll a little to see it.
  5. Under Site settings, select The notifications. Disable Chrome notification popups on Android "src ="
  6. Once there, you will see a similar rocker at the top. Press it to turn it off.


You have now disabled Chrome notification windows. From now on, you can continue browsing a lot of websites like the good old days without being bothered by those annoying notification windows. Do not forget that it means all websites, but this will not block the notifications of websites that you may have previously been allowed to send. If you'd rather block a previously authorized website, you can check out our tutorial.

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