How to Disable a Laptop Keyboard Easily?

Many people use an external keyboard with their laptop. Are you one of them? If yes then would you like to disable your laptop keyboard?

I am here to help you. In this article, I will guide you on how to disable a laptop keyboard using different methods.

How to disable laptop keyboard?

Laptops are the new generation’s favorite device for working or relaxing. Indeed, they are light, small, work very well and can be carried anywhere by simply using a small backpack. All Equipment East integrated in the laptop. However, it is also a disadvantage to have a laptop. When equipment malfunctions on a office, you can just unplug it and replace it with a new one. But, when a hardware malfunctions on a portable, the process becomes long and costly. You will need to open the laptop cover, then remove the built-in hardware (keyboard, mouse, monitor) then put a new one.

Laptop keyboard is the most prone to malfunctions and problems. Sometimes it stopped working partially or sometimes completely. Getting a new keyboard attached to your laptop costs a lot of money and time. For this reason, people often choose to disable a laptop keyboard and use External USB keyboard with the laptop. If you are using Windows 10, you would feel stuck without a fully functional keyboard. Not everyone knows how to disable a laptop keyboard. That’s why I’m here creating a guide to explain to people how to deactivate a laptop keyboard.

Use Device Manager to disable the keyboard

You can use your laptop’s Device Manager to disable its keyboard. Follow these steps to learn the process:

Step 1: press the Windows key + R to trigger the Run dialog box. Type dvmgmt.msc and hit Enter on your keyboard or click Okay. This will launch the Device Manager.

run the service

2nd step: in the Device Manager, find your keyboard and place the cursor over it.

keyboard setting

Step 3: Now right click on it and go to Properties.

Step 4: Then go to Driver tab and select deactivate from this menu.

disable keyboard on laptops

Step 4: reboot your laptop to save your decision.

You can reactivate the keyboard when you change your decision in the same way.

Remove compatible drivers to disable the keyboard

In case you only want to disable the built-in keyboard of your laptop and not any other wireless keyboard, you can use this method to achieve perfection. Follow these steps to find out what to do:

Step 1: press the Windows key + R to trigger the Run dialog box. Type dvmgmt.msc and hit Enter on your keyboard or click Okay. This will launch the Device Manager.

run the service

2nd step: in the Device Manager, find your Keyboard and right click on it. Now click on the “Update driver software” option.

update drivers

Step 3: When Windows prompts you to choose between “Check online” or “Use only existing drivers” options, choose ‘Use only existing drivers. “

Step 4: Next, deselect the ‘Use only compatible drivers » option to continue. Then choose any incompatible driver.

Step 5: reboot your laptop.

Check if the laptop keyboard no longer works.

Note: If you choose to uninstall keyboard drivers on ‘2nd step,’ each time you restart your laptop, the drivers will be reinstalled. Therefore, it works as a temporary solution.

using device manager to uninstall the device

When you change your mind and want to activate the laptop keyboard, just follow the same procedure but select compatible drivers in the ends, then restart your laptop.

Use third-party tools to disable the keyboard on Windows 10

There is a lot of third party tools available on the web that can effectively disable your laptop keyboard if desired. I will list here the best ones that work. You can choose any of these items and use them to alleviate the situation. here is 5 best tools to disable a laptop keyboard.

1. KidKeyLock

Key lock for children is an excellent choice of tool for locking a specific keyboard, as well as mouse functions. It is free and very simple to use. This program was originally designed to prevent children from accidentally pressing the keys on a laptop or computer so that they do not trigger unwanted actions. It also has a premium version which offers even more features called Pro Key Lock.

2. KeyFreeze 1.4

using a third-party program to disable the keyboard on a laptop

KeyFreeze 1.4 is another wonderful tool for locking the keyboard and mouse without locking the screen. This is really useful when you want your kids to stop pressing certain keys, or when you want to stop using a particular keyboard. While this program is active, you can even hold any key on the keyboard, but nothing will happen. To unlock the system, just hold CTRL + ALT + DELETE Keys.

3. CrazyLittleFingers

crazy little fingers

CrazyLittleFingers is a free and easy-to-use tool to prevent toddlers from ignoring pressing keys on a keyboard and triggering inappropriate actions. You can also use it to deactivate a laptop keyboard with a few clicks. The program is user-friendly, light and easy to use. You can certainly choose this one over any other tool

4. Bluelife KeyFreeze

Third-party program to disable laptop keyboard

BlueLife KeyFreeze is another amazing tool to prevent your keyboard and mouse from performing an action. This can be very handy when your kids are watching a video or cartoons on your laptop, or if you want to turn off the keyboard or touchpad in order to use external ones. You can unlock the keyboard or mouse by pressing the key CTRL + ALT + F Keys together. You can also use this program from the system tray of your PC or laptop.

5. Keyboard and mouse cleaner

keyboard deactivation on a laptop

Keyboard and mouse cleaner is a little different from all the other tools on this list. It can disable your keyboard and mouse to perform an action for a specific period of time. This tool was designed with the idea of ​​disabling a laptop keyboard and mouse in order to clean them with a fan. This is why you cannot permanently deactivate your keyboard using this program. Either way, it’s a free and simple tool that can come in handy over and over.

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So here’s how to disable a laptop keyboard. These are the 3 working methods to deactivate any laptop or desktop keyboard. In addition, you can even disable the touchpad on your laptop in the same way. For any question, doubt or suggestion, please visit the comments section.


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