How to download and install Silverlight on Windows 10

Download & install Silverlight 5 on Windows 10

There was a time when Adobe Flash was the king of the internet and Microsoft wanted a piece of the cake. In order to make a breakthrough, the company has come up with a tool called Silverlightand the idea was to dethrone Flash and reign supreme.

Unfortunately for the software giant, things did not go as planned. The developers were in no hurry to develop Internet applications with Silverlight, and Windows users failed to download the plug-in by the millions. Not to mention the fact that the Web was going through a period when he had to get away from these plugins. As things stand, HTML5 has taken over and Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are dead in the water, but for now, if you still want to download and install Silverlight for some reason on Windows 10, well , you can.

Download and install Silverlight on Windows 10

Keep in mind that if you plan to create web applications, users must install the Silverlight plug-in for their web browsers. The problem is that the plugin is no longer widely supported.

We know that Netflix uses this tool to deliver content to Windows and Mac users, if at all, but that's pretty much all in support of big business.

But, if that's the way you want to go for both application development and the Web, then who do we say the opposite? We help you reach your goals. That's why we decided to explain how to download and install Silverlight 5 on Windows 10.

This is the latest version of the software, which has become obsolete. So do not expect other updates in the near or distant future.

Well, installing the latest version of Silverlight is very simple, as you can imagine.

Visit the official siteFrom there, be sure to click the Download Now button. Follow the instructions and this should be the completion of the mission.

When will the Silverlight support end?

For web browsers, the tool no longer works on Chrome and Firefox versions after 2021 and 2016 respectively. Microsoft Edge has never been on the media list, leaving Internet Explorer 11 until 2021.

As for Windows 10, support will end in 2022 as well. We therefore recommend that you take serious steps to find a replacement before that date. HTML5 works really well, and Java too, so take a look at those who are going from the front.

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