How to download Facebook Private videos to PC the easy way

How to download Facebook Private videos to PC the easy way

For those who have no idea, it is possible to download private Facebook videos. The problem is that you can’t do it with the tools used to retrieve public video content from Facebook. Don’t worry, though, as we have managed to find several online and offline tools designed to help you with this.

Popular social network users may have several reasons for wanting to download private videos, so it makes sense for us to discuss ways to get the job done. Keep in mind that downloading private Facebook videos is not as simple as public videos

How to download private Facebook videos

The following online tools are great for uploading private videos to Facebook. According to our tests, they have not yet failed.

  1. VidSaver
  2. Video Downloader Plus
  3. FB Down
  4. oDownloader.


The first one that we are going to examine today is none other than VidSaver. What we have here is a tool available on the web and, as expected, it is super easy to use. Users simply enter the source code for the private video by pressing CTRL + U via a Windows 10 computer, then copy and paste the code into VidSaver. After that, hit the button that says Fetch, and you’re good to go.

Please also keep in mind that this online tool also supports downloading public videos.

Visit the VidSaver website.

2]Video Downloader Plus

This one is for people who would prefer to download videos without doing it via a website. By downloading the Chrome extension known as Video Downloader Plus, the user can easily recover private videos.

The interesting thing about Video Downloader Plus is the fact that it can be used elsewhere to download content that is not related to DRM. This means that if you see a video on YouTube, you can retrieve it for future use.

Download the Video Downloader Plus extension.

3]FB Down

That’s it, what we have here is an online program designed to download private Facebook videos. And guess what? It was created by the same people behind Video Downloader Plus.

Now uploading a video is not as simple as just copying the URL from the bar. Doing it this way only works for public videos.

If you want to download private content, press CTRL + U on your Windows 10 computer, and this should open the source code of the web pages. Copy the source code, then paste it into FB Down and continue from there.

Keep in mind that you need to visit the unique video URL. Copying source code via the newsfeed will not work.

Visit FB Down website.


How to download private Facebook videos

The principle of downloading is the same here, it’s oDownloader, and that’s good because it means there is nothing new to learn. Just copy the source code, paste it in the available area and download it.

Please note that This site also supports YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more.

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