Top 15 Things About Google Duo Video Messages That You Should Know

Top 15 Things About Google Duo Video Messages That You Should Know

Google Duo is basically a video calling app. But any calling application seems incomplete without a messaging option. Although Duo does not support text messaging in its true sense, it does offer a few alternatives. One is the ability to send a voice or video message. You can even send personalized notes and photos. Learn more about Duo video messages in this article.

Tips and tricks for video messages from the Google duo:

In addition to video calls, Duo offers most of the functionality that revolves around videos. So if the person does not answer your video call, you can record a video message for them instantly.

What are the other features of Duo video messages? Let’s find out some interesting things in this article where we explain how to use Google Duo video messages.

1. Supported platforms for video messages

At the time of writing, Google is limiting the ability to send and receive video messages to Duo mobile apps (Android and iOS) only. You cannot use it through its web interface.

2. How to send a video message to Duo

There are three ways to create and send a video message to Duo.

Method 1: for multiple contacts

Launch the Duo app and swipe down on the home screen. Now tap on the record icon to start recording your message.

Tips and tricks for Google Duo video messages 1

Google duo video message tips tips 2

You will see a preview of your message. Tap Next and select the contacts to whom you want to send the message. You can select up to 32 people at a time for a single message.

Google Duo 3 Video Message Tips and Tricks

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 4

Method 2: for an individual contact

In the Duo app, open the contact to whom you want to send a message. You will see the Message option at the bottom. Tap it. Record the message and send it.

Note: To open a contact on Duo, swipe up on the home screen and you’ll find the list of Duo contacts. Tap the contact to open it.

Google Duo video message tips tips 5

Method 3: Leave a message

Finally, when you call someone and they do not answer, Duo will give you the opportunity to record the message.

Tips and tricks for video messages from the Google duo 7

You can send a message even when you call them, as you can see in the following screenshot. A bit odd, but the option is there.

Google Duo 6 Video Message Tips and Tricks

3. How long do video messages last

Messages on Duo have functionality similar to stories available on other platforms such as Instagram stories, Facebook stories, etc. Messages last 24 hours on Duo. After that, these messages are deleted automatically on the sender and recipient side, unless you download them.

4. What is the maximum duration of video messages

Video messages can last up to 30 seconds only.

5. How to personalize video messages

There are two ways to personalize your video messages on Duo. You can either add filters / effects or add text / doodle to them.

Add a filter to Duo video messages

When you access the video message creation screen, you will find two options on the right side – Filters and Effects. Select the one you need. Then choose the filter or effect required. Then start recording your message.

Google duo video message tips tips 16

Tips and tricks for video messages from the Google duo 17

Add text or a doodle to the video message

To do this, record the video message as you normally would. Then you will be redirected to the video preview screen. Tap the A icon at the top to add text, or tap the Doodle icon to start scribbling on your video.

Google duo video message tips tips 18

Google duo video message tips tips 19

Point: You can also use the two above customizations when sharing photos on Duo.

6. How to send a text message to Duo

As mentioned earlier, you cannot send text messages to Duo. But if you really want to send a text, you can use the Note function of Duo. Alternatively, you can either write on the photo or the video, as shown above.

To send a note to Duo, open the contact you want to share it with. Tap the red message icon. On the next screen you will find different options such as Note, Photo and Voice at the bottom. Slide between them to choose one. Since we want to create a note, swipe left from the Video screen. You can even tap the Note option.

Google duo video message tips tips 20

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 21

You have three features to customize notes: text, doodle, and background color.

Change the background color of Duo notes

Tap the color palette icon at the bottom to cycle through the different background colors available.

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 22

Add text and doodle to Duo notes

To add text, tap the A icon at the top. Then enter the text. To change the font, tap the font name at the top. Tap on Next.

Tips for video messages from the Google duo tips 23

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 24

Point: You can change the position of the text by dragging it. You can also rotate and resize text using two fingers.

Then tap the Doodle icon. Choose the color and style of the pen from the options available below. Use Cancel at the top to delete any changes. Finally, press the send button to share it with the person concerned.

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 25

7. How to view sent messages

To do this, open the Duo contact to whom you sent the message. You will find there the list of sent messages.

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 14

8. How to check the received video messages

You will find the messages received on Duo on the home screen of the application. If you look closely, the sender’s profile picture will be replaced by their message. Tap the message to read it.

Tips and tricks for Google Duo 8 video messages

Later, if you want to view the message again, open the contact in the Duo app and you will have all the messages.

Tips and tricks for the Google 9 duo video messages

9. How to reply to the Duo message

When you receive a Duo message, listen to it. You will find the response icon on the screen. Tap it to reply to the sender in the format of your choice. In other words, you can send a video message, a voice note, or personalized photos and notes.

Google Duo video message tips and tricks 26

10. How to react to messages received

When you receive a message on Duo, you don’t necessarily have to reply in the same format. You can react to it with the available reactions. To do this, listen to the message received. You will see the reaction emoji below. Tap it to reveal the reactions. Select the reaction you want to send.

Google Duo video message tips tips 15

11. How to record a Google Duo video message

If you like a certain Duo message, you can download it to your phone. In this way, the message lasts more than 24 hours.

To download it, go to the Duo contact and open the message on your phone. Then tap the screen to display the options, if they are not visible. You will find the download icon at the top. Tap it.

Tips and tricks for video messages from the Google duo 10

12. How to delete video messages

To delete video messages, open the message and tap it to display the options. Tap the delete icon at the top. You can delete the messages sent and received this way.

Tips and tricks for Google Duo 12 video messages

You can also press and hold the message on the contact screen. You will get options to save or delete the message.

Tips for Google duo video messages tips 13

13. Can you not send Duo messages

If you delete a Duo message sent before the other person saw it, it will not be sent. The person can still see the message. It will be removed from your side only.

14. How to check Google Duo for the last time

Google Duo does not support the last seen feature.

15. Does Google Duo notify you of screenshots

No. There is no such feature in Google Duo to notify the other person if you take a screenshot of a video call or one of the messages.

Bonus: how to send a heart to Google Duo

Open the Duo contact in the application. Then press the Send button under the Send Heart label.

Tips and tricks for Google 11 duo video messages

Duo peut aussi être amusant

Google Duo a fait sa marque parmi les applications d’appels vidéo de renom pour un usage personnel. Maintenant, avec l’ajout de fonctionnalités remarquables telles que la messagerie vidéo et des notes personnalisées, la popularité de Duo devrait encore augmenter. Qu’aimez-vous chez Duo? Dites-le nous dans les commentaires ci-dessous.


Google Duo est une excellente alternative à WhatsApp pour les appels vidéo. Découvrez en quoi Google Duo diffère de WhatsApp à partir du lien suivant.

Last updated on May 9, 2020

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