How to Download your Entire Facebook Data including Chats

download facebook data & chats
Do you want to deactivate your Facebook account for good? Or do you have discussions, photos, facebook videos and important publications that you are afraid of losing? Well, in both scenarios, this guide will definitely be useful. By following the instructions given here, you will be able to download all your Facebook data on your PC. The backup will also include your discussions on Facebook. But most often, whole conversations do not usually contain important conversations.

In this case, it makes no sense to include the entire discussion in the backup. So, a workaround for the same is provided here using which you can download cats for a specific period only. Follow the instructions below for both. On the other hand, to download Facebook videos, find out how to download Facebook videos on Android devices.

Download Facebook data

In this section, we would use the default option provided by Facebook to download all your data and discussions. In this backup, you can not separate discussions for a specific period only. For this, we will use a different workaround, the instructions of which are provided in the next section. Let's start by downloading all Facebook data.

  1. Open Facebook on your desktop and log in with your username, if it's already done.
  2. Press the drop-down button located at the far right of the top menu bar.
  3. Click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
  4. In the left menu bar, click on the third option, ie. Your Facebook information.
    general framework
  5. Now click on Download your information section.
    download facebook info
  6. You will be taken to Request copy page. Check all the required sections for which you need a backup.
  7. In addition, you can customize the download of your Facebook data with the help of some useful options, such as Date range, Format and Quality of the media.
  8. When you have made the selection, tap Create and wait until the Facebook data download is complete.
    facebook data information
  9. Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification on Facebook. You can also go to Copies available section, which is right next to Request Copy. Click on Download to start with downloading your Facebook data.
    download data ready
  10. For security reasons, you will need to re-enter your Facebook password. Then click Submit. All your Facebook data will now be uploaded as .Zip *: French file. Just pull it out in a convenient place. That's it. You have successfully downloaded all your Facebook data.
    facebook data extract

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Download Cats Backup Of A Given Period

To download Facebook chats and messages for a specific period of time, we will use a Chrome extension. Follow the instructions below. Again, note that if you want to download the entire chat history, this extension is not necessary. This could be done from the instructions provided above. This extension is only required if you want to download discussions of a given period.

  1. Download the Message Saver Chrome Extension clicking on Try now.
    extension of the message saver
  2. Go to on your desktop and log in with your Facebook ID / password.
  3. Open the discussion section of the desired user for which you need a backup.
  4. Now click on the Message Saver extension, located to the right of the address bar.
  5. Enter the dates in the "Of" and "AT" section and click on the Download button. Discussions will now be recorded in a .htm format.
    download cats
  6. You just have to click on the downloaded file. Chrome or any web browser will open the page and then show you all the conversations. The date and time of these discussions would also be mentioned next to these conversations.

The only warning? The free version does not include images and videos. For this, you may need to spend money (Rs 243 to be precise). But as we have already indicated the steps to download Facebook data that also include images and videos, the free version should be more than enough.

With this, we conclude the guide on how to download data and chats on Facebook. If you have any questions regarding any of the steps mentioned here, please let us know in the comments below.

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