How to Enable Dark Mode in Gmail for Android

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Google has started rolling out the dark mode for Gmail on Android. And like other Google products, this one also goes through a server-side update, that is to say that only a few selected users get the update for the moment. Once they've got the desired feedback from these users, they start deploying the update through the Play Store. Although you can join their beta test program, the chances of receiving it are still. But if you have a rooted Android device, you can increase the probability of receiving the dark mode update exponentially. This would be achieved by editing the Gmail XML file.

But keep one thing in mind. Even after trying this trick, the chances of receiving this update may increase. Still, there is no guarantee of shooting for the same thing. After all, this is a server-side update and everything is in the hands of Google. That said, let's look at the instructions to enable dark mode in Gmail. In addition, do not forget to consult 7 tips and tricks of Gmail for Android.


Steps to enable dark mode in Gmail

  1. Open the Solid Explorer File Browser.
  2. Superuser request dialog box will now appear. Press on GRANT.
  3. Now tap on the hamburger menu at the top left and select Root.solid root access
  4. Under the root directory, go to The data > The data.
  5. Search and open data in the root directory
  6. Now open the shared_prefs folder.
  7. Navigate to FlagPrefs.xml drop and tap on it. We will change some values ​​in this file to enable dark mode in Gmail.
  8. Chose SE Text editor in the list of text xml preferences
  9. Look for the following line (it should probably work from the second line of the file):
  10. Now. to enable dark mode in Gmail, you must change a certain Boolean value. Double-tap the file to edit it and change the false keyword at the end of this line true.activate the dark theme of gmail
  11. Now, just click on the save present icon at the top right and close the file explorer.
  12. Finally, forced stop the Gmail app, then reopen it. Here's how it could be done:Force stop Gmail
    • Go to Settings and go to Applications and notifications.
    • Press on See all applications xx and look for the Gmail app.
    • Open it and press Forced arrest
  13. Now open the Gmail app and go to Settings.
  14. Go to General settings. There you will find the Theme option at the top.
  15. Tap on it and select Dark.dark android gmail theme
  16. That's it. The entire Gmail app will now have a dark theme.

With that, we conclude the guide on how to turn on dark mode for Gmail. As mentioned earlier, being a server-side update, not everyone could receive this update to a single instance. But there is something interesting that I discovered. If you can still enable dark mode after performing the steps above, check out the Gmail widget!

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