How to enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

Enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

Just as we can set our phones to receive messages delivered for SMS, you can also get delivery and read reports for an email format. Microsoft Outlook. here is a Delivery form confirms that the message has been received by the recipient in his mailbox; while one Read receipt confirms that the message has been opened by the recipient.

However, sending acknowledgments and read receipts is a little complicated. Indeed, the email client should have the capabilities to do it in the first place. Someone who receives e-mail with the help of Outlook checks if the client sends an acknowledgment or an acknowledgment of reading. You can not force the recipient to send an acknowledgment or read an acknowledgment.

Enable e-mail read confirmation in Outlook

Enabling e-mail read confirmations in Outlook is not a very difficult task. There are three different methods for this guide. They are as follows:

  1. Enable e-mail read receipt for all e-mails.
  2. Enable e-mail read receipt for a single e-mail.
  3. Follow-up of the answers received.

1] Enable email read confirmation for all emails

Under the File menu, select Options> Mail.

Under the section of followed check the options for these:

  • Acknowledgment that the message has been delivered to the recipient's mail server
  • Confirmation of reading confirming that the recipient has viewed the message.

Click on D & #39; agreement apply the changes.

2] Enable e-mail read receipt for a single e-mail

Before sending each email, select the The options menu.

In the section for Followed, check the box for Request a delivery receipt or Request an acknowledgment of reading according to your preferences.

This will enable e-mail read confirmation for a single e-mail.

3] Follow-up of responses received

Go to Sent elements folder and open the message you have defined as follow-up.

in the Message tab, under the Show group, select Followed.

It should be noted that, you will not find that the Tracking option will be visible until a few minutes after receiving the receipt.

I hope this helps you.

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