How to Enable Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone Homescreen

How to Enable Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone Homescreen

Today people are becoming very aware of their physical shape. Naturally, we see that a number of people make sure to train every day. Training includes all kinds of sports such as running, jogging, walking, etc. Now how does a person know how many calories they have burned while playing a particular sport or exercising? It is not possible to remember or calculate it manually. Thanks to modern technology, we have Android apps like Google Fit Activity Tracker.

Google Fit is a nifty app that helps plan and keep a record of various workouts and sports. It can be used on their smartphone and with smart Android portable devices.

Some people may find it repetitive to open the Google Fit app every time they want to check the number of steps or other information. This happens when a person regularly monitors their movements and needs to check the meter from time to time. Obviously, it will take a few seconds to browse the app drawer and find the Google Fit app. So, is there a way to easily access movement or exercise data without having to open the app?

Well. Yes.! There is a way to do it. In this guide, we will explain how Activate Google Fit Activity Tracker on the smartphone home screen.

How to activate Google Fit Activity Tracker on the smartphone home screen

Some of you may fear that we are telling you to go through a complex science to present your Google Fit data on the home screen of your phone. This is not the case. The process is fairly straightforward. We will use Android widgets to customize how and what Google Fit information we want to have on our smartphone desktop.

Install Google Fit

First of all, you should keep in mind that for this guide, it is mandatory to have Google Fit on your phone. So if you’re not using the app, you need to install it first. As usual, head over to the Play Store to download the latest version of Google Fit.

If you already have the app on your smartphone, you can skip the above steps.

Steps to customize Google Fit data

Now let’s see how to play with the Android widget and extract Google Fit information.

  • Open / unlock your smartphone
  • Go to Homepage
  • Press and long press on any free section of the screen.
  • A small menu will appear with options such as Widgets, Wallpapers and Home Settings. Press on Widgets.
  • You will be directed to the Widgets customization section. In this section, you will find options for customizing widgets for the different applications that you have installed on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and find Google Fit in the Widgets section.
  • You should see three options for Google Fit. These are Activity goals, multiple stats and unique stats.
    Google Fit Activity Tracker Android Widget
  • From the three settings above, depending on your choice, tap an option and drag it to the blank section of the home screen. For example, I first selected the unique statistic which is the step counter and dragged it onto the home screen.
  • Now when you drag one of the options, you will be presented with options regarding the data you want to see in this widget.
    Google Fit Activity Tracker Daily StatisticsThese options are basically information about your heart rate, movements, steps, calorie counter, etc. In my case, I selected only Not, so my Single Stat widget will only display the total number of steps.
  • Likewise, if I want to place multiple Google Fit Activity Tracker statistics on my home screen, I need to repeat the above steps. I dragged the Multiple Statistics widget to the home screen.
  • Now, on the home screen of my smartphone, I have both the data-based step counter and the data-based step, calorie and kilometer counter.
    Google Fit Activity Tracker on the smartphone home screen

This is how you can activate Google Fit Activity Tracker on the home screen of your smartphone. If you find this guide informative, also consult our other guides.

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