How to fix hand washing not working on Apple Watch (watchOS 7)

How To Fix Hand Washing Not Working On Apple Watch

How to fix hand washing in watchOS 7

Hand washing is one of the most spectacular new features available in watchOS 7. Apple Watch automatically detects when you wash your hands and starts a 20 second timer to make sure you are sanitizing properly. However, many readers have reported that hand washing is not working. The device fails to detect the gesture and no timer or haptic feedback is available.

Before you apply the troubleshooting tips in this article, make sure your Apple Watch is updated to watchOS 7 and is compatible with the new handwashing feature. Unfortunately, all watch models that support 7th generation watchOS can also include the option of hand washing.

Handwashing doesn’t work on Apple Watch Series 3

The AW 3 can be upgraded to watchOS 7, but it doesn’t wash your hands due to the lack of hardware features. This model is not equipped with ambient noise detection technology, so cannot detect when water is flowing. The Apple Watch 3’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors are basic and cannot provide the drop detection function, which means the device will also struggle to follow the handwashing movement. All of this forced Apple to exclude the functionality of this model.
Made: The same hardware limitations mean that the Apple Watch 3 also lacks the Noise app.

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How To Fix Handwashing Detection Not Working

If you have Apple Watch 4 or later, updated to watchOS 7, and handwashing isn’t working, here’s what to do:

1. Activate the hand washing function

The feature is not enabled by default. You need to activate it first:
how to activate hand washing in watchOS 7

  • 1. Click it Digital crown and open Settings in watchOS 7.
  • 2. Scroll to Hand washing.
  • 3. Activate the Timer, by pressing the toggle available next to it.
  • 4. Keep Haptic lit too.

2. Is sound measurement enabled?

Handwashing uses the Apple Watch microphone to detect the sounds of flowing water. If this setting is disabled, the feature will not work as expected.
activate the Apple Watch sound measurement function

  • 1. Open the Settings app.
  • 2. Use the Digital crown, to scroll Privacy.
  • 3. Press Microphone.
  • 4. Check if the Measure the sounds the option is activated!

3. Restart the Apple Watch

If all the settings are correct but the hand washing isn’t working, restart your Apple Watch and see if that helps:
How? ‘Or’ What: Simultaneously press the Digital crown and the Side button for at least 10 seconds. Release the plug when the Apple logo is displayed on the watch screen. Please be patient until the device restarts and test the hand washing function!

4. Remove the protective case

Are you protecting your Apple Watch with a case or any other accessory? This could obstruct the microphone and prevent hand washing from working as intended. Remove the case and try the function again. Every change?

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5. Restore Apple Watch

If you have reached this step and the handwashing detection is still not available, your last option is to unpair your Apple Watch from the companion iPhone and repair (restore) it using the backup. more recent. IPhone automatically creates a backup of your Apple Watch before unpairing it. The detailed step-by-step tutorial for this procedure is available here.

Fix Apple Watch hand washing reminders

watchOS 7 is also capable of sending hand washing reminders to help keep your hands clean. If handwashing notifications aren’t triggered when you arrive home, here’s what you’ve got Home Address in your business card:
apple watch hand washing reminder

  • 1. Open the Phone app, on your iPhone.
  • 2. Press the Contacts tab, in the lower application scrubber.
  • 3. Press the My card label, available at the top of the screen.
  • 4. Open the Edit options, in the upper right corner.
  • 5. Press on ‘Add address’.
  • 6. Fill in the details and press Finished when ready.

In addition, you need to check Important locations to activate:

  • 1. Open the Settings app, on the companion iPhone.
  • 2. Scroll down to Privacy.
  • 3. Press on Rental services.
  • 4. Open System services.
  • 5. Scroll down to Important locations and make sure they are turned on.

How to check the hand washing history

After solving the hand washing on Apple Watch, you can use the companion iPhone to check if you have washed your hands well:

  • 1. Open the Health app on your iOS 14 device.
  • 2. Press the Browse tongue.
  • 3. Scroll down to Other information.
  • 4. Press on Hand washing.
  • Point: You can scroll and press Add to favorites if you want to view handwashing data in the Health app Summary screen.

Did this article help you solve the problem of hand washing on Apple Watch? What trick worked? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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