How to fix VPN Error 609 on Windows 10

VPN Error 609

VPNs have many benefits such as online darkness, encryption for data exchange and access to geographically blocked Web content, and so on. But, like all technological innovations, VPNs are prone to developing snags and troubleshooting may be necessary. The majority of VPN users are faced with many common problems. Although few can be fixed by checking parameters and modifying them, there are few that require extensive troubleshooting. Sometimes you may even need to contact the technical support of your company's Virtual Private Network Provider or any VPN service you use. On this basis, we discuss the patch for VPN Error 609.

VPN Error 609 on Windows 10

The 609 VPN error occurs if a non-existent device type has been specified. This can also happen when your Windows operating system is corrupted. This error displays the message:

A device type that does not exist has been specified.

Common symptoms

  • The error 609 of VPM will appear and crash the window of the current program
  • Your computer crashes frequently by displaying error 609 on a virtual private network while running the same program
  • Your Windows runs slowly and the input of the mouse or keyboard is inactive
  • Occasional freezing of the system

Typically, this error is reported by the VPN client on your system. When error 609 occurs, the opening programs slow down and the response time is shifted. In addition, the user may find himself or herself blocked and stuck when multiple applications are running.

Possible causes

This error usually occurs when the connected VPN device (AKA Miniport) is not configured correctly. If this is not the case, there may be many causes for this error, including extreme boot entries, registry errors, hardware / RAM failures, fragmented files, malware, spyware , unnecessary or redundant program installations, etc.

This problem occurs if the virtual WAN network miniports for PPTP / L2TP are not installed or corrupted. You can confirm the problem by following the steps below:

  1. Open & #39;Device Manager"
  2. Click & #39;View"In the toolbar and select 'Show hidden devices"
  3. Expand the node of the machine name.
  4. Under Network AdaptersNode, see if WAN miniport (PPTP) and WAN miniport (L2TP) are present

Once the problem is identified, if the simple reboot does not help you, you can fix it using the following fixes:

1) Use the built-in Windows diagnostics:

The possible solution to this type of common VPN errors is a built-in diagnostic with repair provided in Windows. This is intended for theMissing Miniport'Problem for VPN connections created locally. By clicking & #39;DiagnosticThe button "displayed on the error page of the VPN connection gives a"repairOption, which will attempt to resolve the problem automatically, provided that it finds the problem missing for Miniport.

2): Start / Stop Remote Access Connection Manager:

VPN Error 609

The Remote Access Connection Manager (rasman) service is responsible for managing your computer's connection to the Internet through services such as remote access and VPN. Sometimes a problem in this service can trigger a VPN 609 error. This service is often loaded by default when the Windows system is enabled. This file can sometimes use a lot of system resources. Therefore, if you do not use a VPN or dial-up connection, you may want to disable it on your computer. You can disable it by following these steps:

  1. Click the & #39;beginning"Then type"services.mscIn the search bar and press the keyEnter& #39; button.
  2. Scroll down the list of 'Local Services& #39; To locate theRemote Access Connection Manager"
  3. Now & #39;Right click"The service and select"properties"
  4. Click on the drop-down menu next to "Startup type»And select«Manual"
  5. Click the & #39;stop"Button under service status and press"D & #39; agreement'To disable the remote access connection manager.

Now check if the error is resolved.

Lily: Troubleshooting and Solutions to Common VPN Error Codes.

Whatever the probabilities, these corrections should solve this error. However, if the VPN still can not be connected, the only solution is to contact customer support.

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