6 Ways to Fix 0x0000007b Stop Error

6 Ways to Fix 0x0000007b Stop Error

The blue death error screen includes one more in the error list, ie. 0x0000007b. The error causes a blue screen when you start the system and can also sometimes enter a startup loop. Problems with storage devices such as hard disk, RAM may cause a 0x0000007b shutdown error. This can also be due to virus or data corruption.

In some cases, it has also been reported that the BSOD error 0x0000007b was caused during the use of the system. So, whatever the reason for this error in your system, I would help you to solve it. You must continue to read the article and try the methods that I explain one by one until your problem is solved.

How to fix BSOD 0x0000007B error?

Now, from now on, let's discuss solutions one by one that could help you solve Stop error 0x0000007B under Windows 10, 8, 7 and also we would discuss the cause behind this particular solution.

1. Sometimes even the "reboot" helps

So, at any time, that is when you start or use Windows, the Error 0x0000007B occurs, just reboot the system and check if you see the error again or not. In many cases, simply rebooting the system solves the problem because rebooting the system would also restart all services, no matter how they last worked. As a result, your mistake could be resolved.

If your error does not resolve, do not worry, because I have more solutions to offer you to help you solve the problem. Error 0x0000007B.

2. Start "Last known good configurationFashion

Windows provides many boot options like booting into Safe mode or Safe Mode with Command Promptetc. and one of those startup options is the Last known good configuration boot mode that can help solve problems such as BSOD errors. Thus, the 0x0000007B error could have a chance of being resolved if you try this startup option.

  • Shut down and restart your computer.
  • Now go to Start-up menu by pressing F8 during startup.
  • The menu should look a bit like the picture below.

  • Using the keyboard, select the option. Last known good configuration and press Enter.

That's it. Now, after pressing the Enter key, the boot menu will start in the selected mode. If you chose the appropriate mode, the error can be resolved at system startup.

3. Perform an SFC analysis

If the previous method did not help you, you can follow this step. We perform an advanced SFC scan here to extract corrupted Windows files and repair them. The SFC stands for System Files Checker and its work too. To perform the analysis, follow the steps mentioned:

  • Open the Start menu by pressing the button the Windows key and look for the Command prompt.

  • Now, right click to open the command prompt in administrator fashion.

  • In the command prompt, type the following command and press the button Enter key.
    sfc /scannow /offbootdir=C: /offwindir=C:Windows

I wrote in the D: drive in the image below, my Windows being installed in the D drive, you have to edit it with the name of the drive in which Windows is stored in our computer.

  • Allow the system to scan and repair any corrupted files found.

You can also perform the scan with the command sfc /scannow to check for corrupt files in the system. This analysis above would search for files that help Windows get started and work. Remember to restart your system after the scan is complete to apply all changes.

4. Check the disk scan

Now, although we have checked the corrupted files on the entire computer and that does not solve the error, you may want to check if the storage devices like the hard drive are corrupted. This method is as simple as the previous one and also requires entering a command in the command prompt.

  • Again look for the command prompt using the boot menu.

  • Open the command prompt in administrator mode by right clicking on it.

  • In the new window, press Enter after typing the command chkdsk.

  • Wait until the analysis is complete.

Restart the system after the scan and check if the error persists. You can also write the same command as chkdsk C: /f since the above command would perform scanning throughout the computer in read-only mode.

5. Change the SATA operating mode

The SATA operating mode on Windows supports two modes, namely ATA and AHCI modes. The selected mode is the AHCI mode in general and if you face Error 0x0000007B there may be a chance that choosing the AHCI mode instead of the ATA mode may help. In AHCI mode, boot sectors can cause the stop code error 0x0000007B. The steps are as follows:

  • Restart your computer and press F2 until you enter the BIOS settings.
  • Now change the SATA operation mode of AHCI at AT fashion a press Enter.

  • Now save the changes by choosing Yes.
  • Now press F10 continuously and press again Yes when asked to Back up the configuration and reset?

  • Now press Enter who will help you install the Windows.

Let the system restart all by itself and after rebooting, check whether the error exists or not.

6. Windows Startup Repair

Now, if all these mentioned steps have not helped you, then you should try to perform a Windows Startup Repair who could look for existing problems that occur during startup and also fix them. There are cases where Windows Startup Repair helps to solve problems that could not be solved manually using various methods.

So, try and see if the Windows Startup Repair helps you solve the stop the 0x0000007B code error.

Did it work?

There are many errors that fall into the category of BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) errors that prevent Windows from working properly. The same is true of the 0x0000007B error, which is also a BSOD error stop code, likely to hinder the user when using Windows. But each problem has a solution and here in the article I have explained various solutions that could help you to solve the error 0x0000007B. Although you have a problem with the steps or have a question to ask, you can comment below and get in touch with me. Suggestions are also welcome that could help others solve the problem.

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