How to fix WiFi problems in Windows 10

Fix WiFi problems in Windows 10

Wireless is great because it gives freedom, and although Ethernet always dominates to offer better speed compared to WiFi, there is nothing like sitting where you want and work or enjoy a movie. No son! But when you have problems, a wired connection seems more reliable. In this article, we will show how you can solve WiFi issues in Windows 10 and use it without any problems.

Troubleshoot WiFi issues in Windows 10

Technically, Wi-Fi adapters are different from Ethernet adapters, but in terms of functionality, they are both network adapters. So unless it's a hardware problem, troubleshooting both is more or less the same. Here is our list of tips for solving the most common Wi-Fi issues in Windows 10:

  1. Turn on the WiFi adapter
  2. WiFi is absent from the Action Center
  3. WiFi does not connect automatically
  4. Connected to WiFi, but not or limited internet
  5. Problem with wireless adapter or access point
  6. Weak Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows 10
  7. WiFi continues to disconnect
  8. Cannot find WiFi networks
  9. Update WiFi driver

Before you go ahead, you need to make sure of one thing. There is no problem with your ISP. If this is the case and your WiFi adapter is working properly, there is nothing more you can do. The best way to find it is to connect to the Internet with another device.

1) Turn on the WiFi adapter

It's always a good idea to start with the basics. Just as we asked for an Ethernet adapter, it is essential to check whether WiFi is enabled or not disabled. Unfortunately, the Windows Connectivity icon does not send a clear message, so you have to do manual searches.

Click the WiFi icon in the system tray and make sure it is not grayed out or dark. If this is the case, the adapter is disabled. If that's the case, you should also see a drop-down option that says "Reactivate WiFi – Manually / In 1 hour / 4 hours / in 1 day. Click the WiFi icon to activate it. The color should now match the system's accent color Finally click on the network you plan to connect to, enter the password, to finish.

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Previously, Windows replaced the connectivity icon in the system tray with a clear message that the Ethernet cable was not connected. The same applies to WiFi. Now all you get to see is a globe icon that says "Not connected – No connection is available. "

2) WiFi is missing in the Action Center

When you click on the Globe icon and there is no option to enable WiFi, it is because the WiFi adapter has been disabled.

  1. Click the Globe icon> Network and Internet Settings> change adapter options
  2. Locate your WiFi adapter in the next screen and double-click to activate it.
  3. To search for problems, you can right-click and choose to diagnose, which will launch the problem-solving utility.

The internal program will resolve WiFi issues and resolve it using standard methods.

3) The computer does not automatically connect to WiFi

Troubleshoot WiFi issues in Windows 10

If you often connect to a network, but every time you activate WiFi, it does not connect automatically, that's because you have to activate this option. When you connect to a new network, always make sure to check the box that says: connect automatically. To retrieve the option on the already connected network, disconnect, then select the adapter again. The choice "Connect automatically" will be revealed.

4) Connected to WiFi, but not or limited Internet

So now that you are using this computer connected to WiFi, the Internet works on other devices; Let's see how to fix it in this situation. There are usually two situations here – no internet or limited internet – for the last one, follow our guide to fix the limited WiFi connection problem, but for the first one, here is what you can do.


  • Go to Settings> Windows Update & Security> Troubleshooting.
  • Select Internet Connection, then click the button that says, "Run the troubleshooter."

Shell commands to resolve WiFi issues

Open the command prompt as an administrator and run the following commands one after the other to clear the DNS cache, reset TCP / IP and reset Winsock:

netsh winsock reset  netsh int ip reset  ipconfig /flushdns

netsh is a command line utility for managing the network connection. While Winsock or Windows Socket decides how a program handles I / O requests for Internet applications. Therefore, resetting can help.

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ipconfig on the other hand, can flush many buffers and renew the WiFi connection with DHCP. Any of the ordering options can help you get there.

These two commands will refresh the WiFi state, in a way, and help you resolve WiFi issues.

By the way, our free portable FixWin software allows you to reset these and most other Windows settings or functions with just one click.

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5) Problem with wireless adapter or access point

When troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues using network troubleshooting utilities, if you receive an error stating "Problem with wireless adapter or access point, " this may be due to several reasons. However, most of the time, you will have to restart the modem, router, and computer. Sometimes the devices cannot keep their state, which causes unexpected problems.

Here is a classic example. From time to time, I have to remove the Ethernet cable from my router and plug it in. If I don't do this, the router continues to disconnect as if someone had cut power from the source.

6) Low Wi-Fi signal strength in Windows 10

resolve WiFi issues

This is not a problem with your WiFi adapter or Windows. The WiFi icon in Windows generally shows the strength of the WiFi you are connected to, and if it is weak, you should get closer to the source. If you have the router and its place in your office or home, you should plan to expand the range and range of WiFi by purchasing a powerful router or adding extensions to it. In addition, you can think of switching to 2.4 GHz, which offers a wider range but lower resistance.

Lily: How to increase WiFi speed, signal strength and coverage area.

7) WiFi continues to disconnect

Similar to the above problem, WiFi may continue to disconnect if the signal strength is too weak. If not, follow our detailed guide to resolve this issue. This may be due to the fact that the computer goes to sleep too soon or the VPN uses the Kill Switch to disconnect.

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8) Cannot find WiFi networks

There are two scenarios here. First of all, you cannot find a particular WiFi network. Secondly, you are not able to see most of the WiFi network and sometimes the scan is blank.

The first case may mean that you are not close to the range or that the WiFi SSID is masked. Many people create a network and protect it for security reasons. In this case, you need to get information about the exact SSID, and then connect to it manually.

If you fall into the second category, you may need to update your WiFi driver if the problem started to happen after a recent update or cancel the update itself.

9) Update the WiFi driver

There are several ways to do this, but you may need to try to figure out what works. A drive issue usually occurs when a feature update is deployed and the OEM has not updated or included its drive with the Windows update. While the Windows team usually takes care of this problem most of the time, but it is an error, you can choose to update the driver:

  • OEM website: if you bought a brand laptop, I strongly suggest you find out if it has updated an update
  • OEM WiFi Adapter: Find the actual manufacturer of the WiFi adapter and check if it has been updated to fit the latest version of Windows.

I hope these tips for resolving Wi-Fi issues in Windows 10 will help you resolve the issue you are having. This is a broad topic, so if there is a problem that is not listed here, let us know.

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