How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

Have you transferred multiple emails in Gmail in one go? Fortunately, Gmail does not work that way. There may be so many cases where you needed a way to transfer emails in droves. Whether it's a conversation or communication story, the publisher asks you to forward all the emails you've exchanged with him.

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For example, your manager wants a copy of all correspondence between you and the customer. You can also use this method to back up important e-mail elsewhere or migrate to a new e-mail ID. Whatever the case may be, the transmission of all these emails, one at a time, is a waste of time. Not to mention frustrating and boring. I found a better way.

Let's start.

1. Multiple Divert for Gmail

This is a Chrome extension that will work on all browsers using Chrome like Chrome and Brave. Click the link below to open the Chrome Store download page in a new tab and install the extension.

If you do not know what to do, click on the blue Add Chrome button. The name of the button depends on the browser you are using.

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Open Gmail and look for the emails you need to send in bulk. You can search for Gmail sender names, their email id, or even their subject. Select as many messages as you want, and you should see a black-out icon in the Gmail user interface, next to the other Gmail buttons. This is the same icon that you will also see next to all the extensions you have installed in your browser.

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Click it once to bring up a window asking you to give it the necessary permissions to access multiple emails and transfer them to Gmail. Click on Login.

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Click Next in the following window to continue.

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You may need to re-enter your Gmail email ID or password.

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You will now see a pop-up window in which you can add email IDs of all the people you want to bulk transfer. You can enter multiple recipients here.

There is a limit of 25 emails, so you can not send more than this at one time. Even better than sending them one at a time.

3. Gmail Filters

It's a bit of a coincidence – it worked for me, though. Gmail filters seem to work for some users. Even if it works, there is a risk that it also transmits spam that meets the transfer criteria. Here is how it works. You can modify it further according to your needs.

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Click the gear icon to select Settings.

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Click Create New Filter on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

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Enter the email ID of the emails you want to transfer in the From field. To make sure that spam is not being transferred, you can refine the search results by adding words still included in the email. -mail (as a signature) or words never included.

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Additional filtering options include the size of attachments and emails You can always edit the filter based on the results you get. Click Create Filter when finished.

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toggle Transfer it and Also apply the filter to the corresponding conversations options in the next screen, and click add a transfer address to enter the email ID where you want to forward these emails.

Note that the filter will only work for new emails you receive later and not for old emails already in your Gmail inbox.

Collective transmission, it's fun

Many companies have opted for professional email applications such as Slack, which will greatly reduce your email dependency. Nevertheless, emails are a necessity in some areas and situations. One of the solutions above should have worked for you. It's amazing how Gmail does not have a built-in option for transferring multiple emails.

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Then: Still can not forward multiple emails in Gmail? Click the link below to learn how to set up Gmail in Thunderbird. A third-party IMAP client that you can use to download and forward e-mail.

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