How to Get Live View on Google Maps and Other Cool Tips

After months of testing the live display functionality of Google Maps AR with local guides level 5 and above, Google has now begun to incorporate it into the beta version of the application. This new feature uses a combination of augmented reality services, machine learning and visual positioning to help you navigate the real world.

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But if you want to try it on your phone, you have to do some things first. And that's what we're going to talk about in this post. Without further ado, let's take a look at how you can get Live View on Google Maps, as well as some other cool tips for the app.

How to get a live view on Google Maps

To get the Live View feature on your device, you must first switch to the beta version of the Google Maps app. Follow these simple steps to access the beta version of Google Maps:

Step 1: Open the Play Store and go to the Google Maps list.

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2nd step: Scroll down the list to locate the option to register for the beta and press Join.

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Step 3: Select Join again in the next window to switch to the beta program.

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If all is well, you will see a new prompt at the top of the list, which reads: "Beta registration in progress. It takes a few minutes. Once registration is complete, you will get an update from Google Maps on the Play Store. Just press the update button to download the beta version of the app on your device.

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Now that you have successfully updated the beta version of the application, you need to change some settings of the application to enable live viewing. Here's how you can do this:

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Step 1: Open the Google Maps app and tap the menu button in the upper left corner.

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2nd step: In the menu, select the Settings option to open the application settings.

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Step 3: Here, open the navigation settings to enable Live View.

Google Maps live view 7 "width =" 702 "height =" 1457 "data-size =" auto "sizes =" (min-width: 976px) 700px, (min-width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset = "https: // 1565697759 702w, assets / 2019/08/234999 / Live-View-Google-Maps-7_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697759 700w, -Maps-7_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697759 500w,

Step 4: In the navigation settings, scroll to the new Live View option and press the button next to it to activate it.

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The Live View should then activate on your device. To use it, just enter a destination, tap Route, and then select the Browse option from the top toolbar.


When you start walking, simply point the camera of your phone towards the front. The app should immediately show you arrows and augmented signs on your phone screen to guide you to your destination. Pretty cool, right?

Before you start and try the feature on your phone, you need to know some things. The Live View feature will only work in countries where Google Street View is available. He is currently in the beta test phase. You could face unforeseen problems while traveling. And as with other AR applications, this feature can quickly drain your phone's battery. So keep a charger or a power bank on hand if you plan to use it frequently.

Now that we've understood everything in Live View, let's take a look at other cool Google Maps features included in the latest update.

Rediscover the places you visited

The update also makes some changes to the functionality of the timeline, which will allow you to rediscover the places you have visited in the past. To use the feature, press the menu button in the upper-left corner and select the Your Timeline option.

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Google Maps live view 9 "width =" 702 "height =" 1516 "data-size =" auto "size =" (min-width: 976px) 700px, (min-width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset = "https: // 1565697760 702w, assets / 2019/08/235001 / Live-View-Google-Maps-9_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697760 700w, -Maps-9_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697760 500w,
Google Maps live view 10 "width =" 702 "height =" 1516 "data-size =" auto "sizes =" (min-width: 976px) 700px, (min-width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset = "https: // 1565697761 702w, assets / 2019/08/235002 / Live-View-Google-Maps-10_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697761 700w, -Maps-10_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697761 500w,

In the timeline, select the Day, Places, Cities, or World tab, and you will see all the places visited at a glance. The feature also allows you to select categories to filter the places. So if you want to find the restaurant you visited three years ago, you can now.

Find food to your taste

Speaking of restaurants, if you search for restaurants in Google Maps after the update, you will notice the new feature Your correspondence. The feature basically takes into account the reviews you've submitted for restaurants in the past and offers recommendations based on what you like.

Google Maps live view 11 "width =" 702 "height =" 1516 "data-size =" auto "sizes =" (min-width: 976px) 700px, (min-width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset = "https: // 1565697761 702w, assets / 2019/08/234988 / Live-View-Google-Maps-11_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697761 700w, -Maps-11_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697761 500w, https:
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The feature appears as a percentage just under the name of the restaurant. You can support it to find out why Google thinks you would like the place. Matches will become more specific over time as you leave more and more restaurants. In addition, you can change your food and beverage preferences to speed up the process.

Check your bookings on Google Maps

Finally, the update now brings a new booking feature to Google Maps. This will help you to follow all the recommendations of your next hotel or flight in the application. It collects data from your Gmail or Google Calendar account and displays it in the new Reservations (or Future) tab of the Your Places feature.

Google Maps live view 13 "width =" 702 "height =" 1516 "data-sizes =" auto "sizes =" (minimum width: 976px) 700px, (minimum width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset =" https : // 1565697762 702w, assets / 2019/08/234990 / Live-View-Google-Maps-13_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697762 700w, -Maps-13_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697762 500w,
Google Maps Live View 14 "width =" 702 "height =" 1516 "data-size =" auto "sizes =" (min-width: 976px) 700px, (min-width: 448px) 75vw, 90vw "srcset = "https: // 1565697762 702w, assets / 2019/08/234991 / Live-View-Google-Maps-14_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg? 1565697763 700w, -Maps-14_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg? 1565697763 500w,

To use this feature, simply press the menu button, select your locations, and then press the Reservations (or Coming) tab. Here you will see all your bookings at a glance. This can be very useful when you visit a new city and want to go to the hotel you have booked without having to consult it first.

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Update Google Maps right now

So now that you know all the new features of Google Maps, it's time to go to the beta channel and try it out for yourself. Before you do that, make sure you're ready to handle the often erratic behavior of the Google Maps app. Beta versions tend to contain strange bugs. If you want to avoid these problems on your main phone, I recommend that you wait for these features to be deployed for everyone.

Then: Do you plan to go out with friends? Check out the next article to find out how you can track them in real time using Google Maps to know their ETA.

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