How to Install XAPK Files on Android Devices

install xapk android
In this guide, we will look in-depth at XAPK file format and its compatibility with various devices. In addition, the steps to install these XAPK files on your Android device will also be explained. Although you can find XAPK installation applications on the Play Store, I will explain how to manually install XAPK on your phone.

Whenever you download heavy games directly from the Play Store, you may see the message that additional files are being downloaded. These additional files are game data or, in Android terms, the game obb folder such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Mobile Duty, Asphalt 9, etc. In some cases, developers like Gameloft allow you to download only the APK file from Play Store and additional content is then downloaded from the game.

While others seem to have taken a different path, their games are bundled under an XAPK bundle. You will not find any apps or games on the Play Store in XAPK format. Indeed, this format is not supported by any Android device. To try and install these XAPK files on your Android device, follow the steps below. However, to effectively manage APK files, use the ApkTool application to decompile and edit APK files on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What are XAPK files

You could all very well know the Android apps. These APKs are the standard format for Android applications and games. But recently, XAPK files are slowly making their way into the Android ecosystem. XAPK is a combination of APK and OBB or a collection of several APK files grouped into one. Thus, rather than providing two different files, the developers bundle them into a single package, called XAPK.

You may encounter these files when downloading applications from third-party sites such as APKPure or APKMirror. More often than not, you end up downloading applications from third-party sites because of problems related to the region. Let's see its compatibility and the steps to install these XAPK files on your Android device.

Does the Android device support the XAPK file format?

Although the Android file system does not allow direct installation of these XAPK files, some third-party applications are able to do so. But in this guide, we will not take the help of such third-party tools or software.

For this tutorial, you only need a file explorer with compression functions (.zip, .rar). In this guide we will use the Solid Explorer File Manager. However, if you prefer not to download file explorer of this type, there is another way, but a little longer. You can download the required XAPK file and perform the steps mentioned below on your desktop, then transfer these files to your Android device. Now let's go to the instructions below to install XAPK on your Android device.

But if you want to edit and compile APKs with APK Easy Tool, refer to our guide for the same.

Steps to install XAPK files

  1. Download the desired XAPK file on your device.
  2. Open Solid Explorer and navigate to the downloaded file. Most often, it would be located in the Downloads folder.
  3. Long press the XAPK file and click on the button edit option (pencil icon in the lower menu bar). In other file managers, there may be a reappoint option.
  4. Under reappoint A file dialog box, just rename the part after the full shutdown (.) from xapk to zip. For example, if the file name is game.xapk, it must be renamed to As long as you do not modify the file extension, you will not be able to install XAPK files on your Android device.rename xapk android
  5. Long press on this zip file and press the three verticals located at the bottom right. Now click on the Extract option.
  6. Navigate to the extracted zip folder. there you would find a APK file, Android folder, and some other files.extracted xapk file
  7. Go to Android folder and copy the Lobb folder from there.
  8. Now go to Internal storage > Android > Lobb > Dough this folder copied obb to this paste files in Solid Explorer
  9. Return to this compressed folder and install the APK file from there. If necessary, you may need to allow permissions to install from unknown sources.install xapk android

That's it. You have successfully installed an XAPK file on your Android device. Let us know if there is a request related to this guide.

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