How to recover deleted data

When your SD card can be detected and used on a computer finally after trying the methods to read sd on your computer, you must perform the following steps to recover the data:

✅Select "Undelete Recovery" module from the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery;
✅Choose the SD card and press the "Scan" button to detect the lost data.
✅Check all the data you need to recover by pressing "Save" After the analysis has been finished and the data has been found and displayed in the software.

How to repair a damaged SD card

When you find your SD card is inaccessible and the system suggests you to format the disc before using it,
you must follow this tutorial:

✅ Choose the "Damaged Partition Recovery" module from MiniTool Power Data Recovery;
✅Select the SD card to be scanned by pressing the "Full Scan" button
✅Select the necessary data found by software and save them by pressing "Save"

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