How to Send Scheduled Emails in Gmail

Gmail Scheduled Emails

If you want to send an e-mail at a specific time, you can let Gmail take care of the task instead of setting a reminder. At the moment, it has become extremely important that the mail reaches the recipient on the scheduled date and time. But you can not always be available at the desired date and time for sending the desired mail. In these cases, you can use the help of the Schedule Gmail e-mail feature. Simply type the required mail at your convenience and enter the required date and time. The scheduled email will then be automatically sent to the recipient at the predetermined time.

In addition, the best is that you do not need to keep your PC turned on or keep your Internet connection active at the scheduled time. The sending of e-mails programmed via Gmail works both in the Web version and in the Gmail application. The instructions for both are now given. Not only mails, but you can also schedule messages, WhatsApp, etc. at a precise time. Interested users can see how schedule Facebook posts, WhatsApp messages, SMS, etc.

Send emails via the Gmail web version

  1. Go to your Gmail account on the desk or the PC.
  2. Click on Composition button present on the left side of your screen.
  3. Enter the recipients, subject and body of the message. When done, click on the arrow next to the Send button and select Delivery schedule.
    Schedule the shipment
  4. Select a predefined date and time or create a custom date by going to Choose the date and time.
    Android preset time
  5. Select the desired date from the calendar that appears. Also indicate the time when you want to send the mail.
  6. Once you have made your choices, click on Delivery schedule.
    choose the date and time
  7. That's it. The scheduled email will now be sent via Gmail at the specified date and time.

Cancel configured mail for a scheduled date and time

  1. In the left menu bar, just below the Compose option, find the Planned option.
    Scheduled email section
  2. If it is not available, then it must be hidden under the More section. Click on it to expand.
  3. Once you have reached the Scheduled section, click Open Mail that you no longer want to send.
  4. Finally, click on Cancel sending option. The e-mail programmed into Gmail will no longer be sent.
    cancel send Android

You can even send an automatic reply via SMS from your Android application. Read our guide on planning automatic SMS responses on Android for the same.

Schedule emails through the Gmail app

  1. Open the Gmail app on your Android device.
  2. Press the sign more present at the bottom right.
  3. Enter the required details, namely From, To, Subject and Body of the message.
  4. Now, tap on the three vertical dots next to the Send button and select the Schedule the shipment option.
    calendar send Android
  5. Choose a predefined date and time and create your own by clicking Choose the date and time.
    plan messaging options
  6. Now, plan your email by entering the desired date and time.
    Schedule the gmail email app
  7. Once done, click Schedule the shipment. The scheduled email will now be sent successfully via the Gmail application at the time you specified.

Cancel scheduled mail

  1. In the Gmail app, tap the hamburger icon (three lines stacked horizontally at the top left).
  2. Select the Option programmed.
    android calendar section
  3. Now open the scheduled mail that you do not want to send anymore.
  4. Finally, click on Cancel Send button. Mail will no longer be sent on the scheduled date and time.
    cancel send Android

With that, we come to the end of the guide on how to send scheduled emails in Gmail. Let us know if you have any questions regarding any of the steps mentioned above. Do not forget to also check out these 7 amazing Gmail tips.

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