How to set up Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode in Slack

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Have you taken a break from the official workload but still receive constant notifications on Slack? Well, if you want to shift your focus away from work, your best bet is to silence all of these notifications. Keeping this in mind, Slack has included a Do Not Disturb or NPD mode. This is similar to what your Android device is pre-built for. Apart from that, the application even offers the possibility of creating a DND schedule.

If you regularly take a break during certain hours, let the app know. The rest will be taken care of by Slack in the form of an automatic activation of the DND mode at the specified period. In addition, there are several methods to activate them. The application comes preloaded with some useful shortcut commands to activate DND. We will also discuss it. Let’s start. On this note, also see the steps to customize Do Not Disturb preferences on Android.

How Slack’s DND Works

Here’s what actually happens when you turn on NPD mode in Slack:

  • All notifications and @mention will be suspended. You can consult them all as soon as the NPD mode is deactivated.
  • You will see a DND icon at the top right of your profile.
  • On the other hand, your team members will see a Snooze icon next to your name.
  • However, your team members can still replace this DND in case they need to send urgent messages via DM.

That said, here are the instructions to activate Slack’s NPD mode. Also see the steps to automatically turn off notifications when you’re listening to music.

Configuring DND on Slack

dnd slack configuration

  1. Open the Slack app and tap the overflow icon.
  2. Meet at Notification section and press Do not disturb.
  3. Enter the start and end time for NPD mode on Slack.
  4. During this time, all push notifications will be disabled.
  5. However, you can also apply custom rules to it. To do this, go to snooze section under Do not disturb and select the desired period.

These were the necessary steps to activate the MDN mode in Slack. Now let’s see how to do it using shortcut commands. We have also compiled a long list of Slack commands. Also check them out.

Shortcut commands

One thing I like about Slack is the tons of useful shortcut commands with which it is preloaded. Rather than executing the long procedure, you can directly enter the command given in the message field. In the same spirit, the following command will help you activate the NPD mode in Slack. In addition, here are some custom Bixby key commands useful to check out.

  • / dnd [description of time] will allow DND.
  • / dnd off will turn off NPD mode.

For clarity, here are some examples:

  • / dnd for 30 minutes or / dnd 20 minutes
  • / dnd until tonight
  • / dnd until tomorrow evening
  • / dnd until 5 p.m. or / dnd until 5 p.m.

So these were the different ways to activate NPD mode in the Slack app for Android. Which method will you choose to do the same? Let us know the same in the comments section below.

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