How to solve "Your SIM card is not activated" issue on Xiaomi?

This is quite often when Xiaomi smartphone owners fail to activate SIM cards. The manufacturer claims that activation via Mi Account increases the security of the smartphone. However, users sometimes make mistakes that could cause the problem. When you register Mi accounts by e-mail, you can type incorrect phone numbers or miss them. The problem can occur with bugs in the installed firmware, incorrect phone number identification, or device failures running under custom ROMs. In any case, a user gets eitherYour SIM card is not activated" or "Error activating the SIM card"message.

How to activate the SIM card on Xiaomi?
To find the cause of the problem is quite difficult. However, it is easy to repair. We suggest here three methods to solve it. All are safe for a device. Plus, it is highly likely that any of them will work for you.

Method 1. Activate the SIM card on the official website Xiaomi
This is a simple and effective method if the cause of this problem is an error committed when registering a Mi account. To use this method, one must enter the Xiaomi official website and enter his username and password Mi. Then open the tab "Security" and enter the phone number (check if it is correct, if not correct it). All you have to do is tap on "Edit" and wait for a message on the phone. This message will contain a code that must enter the site. Sometimes these actions are enough to activate the SIM card.

Method 2. Enter the number manually
This method can work if the problem is due to a number identification error. When you receive the error message of activation of the SIM card, press on it. You will see a SMS message of failure. Then, you must continue to press a repeat button 3 to 4 times until the phone number entry window opens. Enter your phone number in. Hopefully the problem of activation of the SIM card will be corrected.

Method 3. Activation via a mobile operator
Usually, a SIM card is activated by sending a system message to another country. This type of message is often blocked by cellular network providers. So, before trying to solve the problem using this method, a better technical support service from the call provider to find out if this service is available on his phone. Another point. You have to have enough budget on your account (this service is not free).

What if nothing works?
If you do not have the chance to get rid of the problem by applying one of our methods, we recommend that you check if your firmware contains any updates. It is possible that the version you are using contains bugs that were successfully fixed in later versions. In this case, you must update your firmware. If that does not help, try getting help from your mobile provider or call the service center.

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