How to create a Web Part in Microsoft SharePoint

How to create a Web Part in Microsoft SharePoint

When you create a page in SharePoint, you can support it with rich multimedia content. You can even add and customize Web Parts, then publish your page with a single click. So let’s see the process of adding Web in Microsoft SharePoint.

How to add a Web Part in SharePoint

Adding Web Parts to Microsoft SharePoint Modern pages can be quick and easy. They are easier to use and allow more advanced filtering and bulk editing. In addition, users can innovate by organizing web parts on a page to display only the information they want. To add a Web Part to Microsoft SharePoint,

  1. Access site content from the quick launch bar
  2. Select the desired Web Part from the list of Web Parts
  3. Move or delete a web part

Read on for more details.

1]Access site content from the quick launch bar

Once you’ve added and published a page, go to the page. If it’s not visible, click “Site content“In the quick launch bar, in the content list, choose”Site Pages», Then select the desired page.

Click on ‘Edit»At the top right of the page.

2]Select the desired Web Part from the list of Web Parts

Hover your mouse cursor over or below an existing web part and you will see a line with a + around it.

Click + and you’ll see a list of Web Parts to choose from.

You can also click on “Develop»To display a larger view of the Web Parts by category. You can also sort the Web Parts in this view

  • Bing Maps – The Bing Maps Web Part allows you to add a road or air map. In addition, you can also change the zoom level or give a friendly name to your map pin.
  • Button – The Button Web Part adds a button to your page with your own label and link. The feature is currently only available in SharePoint 2019.
  • Call to Action – The Call to Action web part creates a button with a call to action for users.
  • YouTube – Embeds YouTube videos directly on your page. The functionality is limited to SharePoint 2019.
  • Yammer – Embeds Yammer conversations on your page, if your organization has an active Yammer network
  • Twitter – Post relevant tweets to you or your audience directly on your page.
  • World Clock – Displays the time in different places of the world.
  • Weather – Provides real-time information about the current weather on your page.
  • Stream – Easily play a video on your page from your organization’s Microsoft Stream video portal.
  • Text – Add paragraphs and tables to your page. It also has various formatting options.
  • Spacer – Activates vertical space management on your page.

In addition, there are other web parts that you can use on a page. You can find the full list on the desktop Support page.

3]Move or delete a web part

Select the web part you want to move or delete, and you will see a small toolbar to the left of the web part. Before that, make sure you are in Edit mode.

Now to move the web part click on the button “Move the web partAnd drag the web part to the desired location on your page.

To remove the Web Part, click on the ‘Remove web part‘button.

That’s it!

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