What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi smartphones?

Almost all advanced manufacturing companies install various useful software on their gadgets. However, not all smartphone owners use all preinstalled apps. Some users prefer to get rid of unnecessary software to make room for the services they want.

We've already explained how to disable system apps on Xiaomi phones without getting root access. Judging from the comments received, the problem is widely applicable. Especially the users are trying disable Google apps. They and their facilities are well known. To disable the Google software, the owner knows very well which functions will be inaccessible. Another question is what to do if on one side you use an application, on the other it does not have a clear vision of what this application is doing. In particular, what would be the consequence of disabling / removing the application in question.

Exactly this question comes from pre-installed "Wfd serviceThe application has recently been released for Xiaomi devices What is the Wfd service? Wi-Fi Direct Service could be very helpful. WLAN Direct allows you to connect devices to each other without going through a wireless router. The technology is modern and extremely efficient. This looks like Bluetooth data transmission, but the speed can reach 250 megabits per second, the connection distance of the device is up to 200 meters. It is also perfectly secure.

Do you want it? It's up to you. Nevertheless, it is clearly very convenient: watch movies on a big screen TV, print documents from a phone or copy pictures from a phone to a laptop without using the home network. Samsung and Xiaomi are about to develop such a smart home ecosystem. However, "seeing each other" requires the implementation of the described technology. This is done for devices like Android 5 and above, as well as for the latest devices from manufacturers. If you do not want to use this feature, disable the Wfd service.

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