How to Stop Infinite Scrolling in Websites on Android

Below are the steps to follow to stop the infinite scrolling technique on the website of your choice. Recently, more and more websites have adopted the infinite scroll method. While this is beneficial to them, so can end users. For those who do not know it, infinite scrolling is the method by which new website content continues to load automatically when you scroll the screen. Website administrators adopt this technique to keep users engaged on their sites.

But this technique is extremely difficult for end users. For example, you can not directly access the desired page on the website. you will now have to continue scrolling until you reach the desired content. It also becomes difficult to reach the footer section of the site. Therefore, the only way to reach the About Us or Contact Us page is to turn off the Internet, click on this link, and then reactivate it. This is at least an inefficient way to do it. That is why, in this guide, we have detailed the steps to follow to stop the infinite scrolling on the websites of Android devices. However, to block pop-up ads on Android, also see our detailed guide.

Stop infinite scrolling in websites

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Since Google Chrome is probably the most used browser on Android, we have provided instructions in this regard. In this tutorial on stopping infinite scrolling on websites, we will disable JavaScript. But that would not be done in the whole browser. The steps will be done instead on the sites where you have to stop this continuous scrolling technique. Without further discussion, let's go to the instructions. And because we're dealing with the Chrome browser, do not forget to check out 5 tips and helpful tips.

Steps for the Chrome browser

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  1. Open Chrome browser on your Android device and tap the overflow menu.
  2. Go to Settings and go to the Advanced section.
  3. In Advanced, tap Site Settings and look for the JavaScript option. The JavaScript option will help stop infinite scrolling in websites on Android devices.
  4. Finally, tap Add Site Exception and enter the URL of the desired website.

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So these are the steps to stop infinite scrolling in websites on Android devices. If at any time you want to remove a website from the blocked list, just tap the name of this website and select the Clear and Reset option. In addition, this is a foolproof method to destroy the infinite scrolling technique, but some features of websites may not work by disabling JavaScript. So make the compromise accordingly.

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