How To Take Your Temperature With Honor Play 4

There is hot news hovering around the horizon of the Honor phone: the new stylish Honor Play 4 Pro from Huawei. This fantastic smartphone comes with a powerful digital thermometer to check temperatures.

Fortunately, the all-new ultra-smart device may soon be on your doorstep. In these difficult days of Covid-19, generally marked by a constant need to monitor body temperatures, this brand new smartphone is guaranteed to receive an ecstatic welcome from those who take all the precautions to stay healthy.

Interestingly, the new Honor Play 4 doesn’t come with the usual Google apps. However, it is one of the first phones with the unique ability to measure a person’s temperature. In addition, you can check your body temperature several times using the device. It will certainly bring a lot of peace of mind to a lot of people.

So how can you use the Honor Play 4 smartphone to take your temperature and get accurate results every time? Let us guide you.

How Honor Play 4 infrared temperature technology works

The long-awaited new Honor Play 4 Huawei series is equipped with a special infrared camera. The phone is designed so that users can use the unique function of the camera which checks their own body temperature.

The new smartphone, dubbed the Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro, mainly has an integrated thermometer sensor. This can be used to accurately measure a person’s body temperature. The device can also be used to measure the temperature of other people. As noted, this unique ability can be particularly useful in situations where a case of Covid-19 is suspected.

Objectives and sensors

Huawei has uniquely designed the Honors Play 4 Pro with a special pair of lenses as well as a powerful sensor for measuring body temperature. The twin lenses and sensors are attached to the rear section of the phone’s four camera mechanism.

When you point this camera at your face or hand, the camera instantly detects temperatures from -20 to 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, this smartphone is capable of measuring the body temperature of others, even when the user is several centimeters from the target.

Honor Play 4 other features

The Honor Play 4 can rightly be described as a “smart smartphone”. Like most powerful smartphones, it can replace several smart devices, including credit cards, scanners and GPS navigation systems.

Notably, most smartphone nerds are already aware of the ability of the infrared camera to take sharp infrared videos and photos. Infrared cameras have also been used to achieve effects such as achieving color effects or procedures for unlocking the face.

Anyway, it looks like Huawei has discovered a new way to use infrared technology in this latest revolutionary device. No wonder Honor, which is a sub-brand of the famous Huawei, recently released a striking video clip on Weibo that shows how the temperature control function works.

How Play 4 checks your temperature

According to the video, you can measure a person’s body temperature when you place the infrared camera on your hands or forehead. In a few seconds, the body temperature reading will appear on the screen that works with an application.

Honor says the Play 4’s infrared temperature sensor can measure between 20 and 100 degrees centigrade. Significantly, this measurement can check for fever and cover the normal range of core body temperatures. In addition, it means that you can use the smartphone instead of a thermal scanner to measure your body temperature.

How to check someone else’s temperature

If you are particularly cautious with the Covid-19 pandemic, you can check the temperature of those around you who you fear may be infected. Of course, this is not always conclusive, but the procedure so far seems to be extremely precise.

Another advantage is that you can quickly check a person’s temperature without necessarily touching them. This device could therefore be very useful for health officials or security agencies who must interact with people daily. If they could check the Covid-19 status of a person without any contact, it could seriously reduce their exposure to the virus.

Uses the Honor Play 4 thermometer function

In the long run, the device can provide crucial access to the thermometer to a larger group of people who need it regularly. But this smartphone goes beyond the pandemic – you can use this smartphone to measure the temperatures of humans, animals, and even objects.

Imagine being able to easily check your dog’s temperature without having to fight or have it done at the vet. And now you can even tell how hot your cup of coffee is before you burn your tongue. If you think about it, the phone’s thermometer changes the game.

Honor Play 4’s Specs

The Honor Play 4 Pro is already available in Chinese stores. Each device comes with 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. As noted, instead of the usual Google Play services, you’ll get the new phone with an AppGallery virtual store internal to Huawei. The Honor Play 4 Pro is explicitly designed with 5G capacity.

Honor Play 4 camera

The integrated dual camera, which is installed at the rear, comes with a zoom lens and a 40 MP main sensor. The Honor Play 4 Pro also comes with a 6.57-inch IPS LCD screen with an aspect ratio of 20: 9 and an FHD + resolution. On the back of the device is a unique mechanism with four cameras. The camera has a main sensor (40 megapixels), macro sensors and two dedicated depth sensors.

Power and connection

The device has a 40 watt quick charge battery with a 4200 mAh battery. It has an SoC-Kirin 990 (HiSilicon), which is associated with a GPU MP 16, Mali-G76. In addition, the new smartphone works with Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi, 5G, USB type C port and GPS.

By integrating a very precise digital thermometer into the ordinary telephone engineering system, Huawei, the guru of Chinese technology, has taken another largely unknown path. By simply holding the phone near a person’s forehead, you can get an accurate measurement of the person’s fever. It’s as simple as taking a photo.

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