Code Compare lets you Compare and Merge Source Code

Code Compare lets you Compare and Merge Source Code

When it comes to writing code, there will come a time when programmers will want to compare different pieces of code. Not everyone will have the right tools to do it in the most efficient way. Therefore, some may choose to do it manually. Today & #39; hui we chose to look in a tool called Code Compare to see if it's worth it. The software was designed from the start to compare the code, and from what we can say up to now, his not bad.

The tool is not very long to install on your Windows 10 computer system, it's great. In addition, the file size is not too big; Therefore, users should not take a long time to download and install on their system.

Check, compare, merge source code with Cold Compare

Code Compare is a free tool designed to compare and merge different files and folders. Ite integrates with all common code control systems: TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial and Perforce. Code Compare is delivered both as a stand-alone file tool and as a Visual Studio extension.

Manually checking the lines of code to detect errors is never an easy task, but with the free Code Compare tool, everything becomes a lot easier than before.

1) Bidirectional text comparison

After launching the softtwashing up for the first time, users should see a blank slate with two sections. This is where users have to paste their code to be able to compare it to determine the best one. Paste the code in one box and in the other to compare the texts. It does not take long because the comparison is automatic. The user should immediately have an idea of ​​what to change in a code text.

From this same section, users can merge the two texts code to create one. This is very important for many programmers, so we are very happy. Code Compare decides to put this feature in the foreground and make it easy to use at the same time.

2) Comparison of files

Here's another nice feature we like in Code Compare. You see, programmers can compare folders with relative ease, but not only, the option is there to merge content from folders as well as.

Just select the files you want, then right-click and finally click Copy Right or Copy Left. As you can see, this task is very easy to accomplish and, as a result, we expect many users to enjoy the benefits of he often enough.

3) Semantic code comparison

The tool can recognize popular languages ​​such as C #, C ++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, XML, etc. Depending on the language, the software will provide a lexical comparison to make things even more interesting than before.

Overall, we appreciate what Code Compare has to offer programmers and anyone who wants to compare text. It works much better than we originally thought, not to mention that; it's fast too. There is a free version and a paid version. The free edition of Code Compare allows developers to perform most tasks related to source comparison. You can ddownload Code Compare free edition of this page. However, you must enter your email ID and create an account.

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